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Versatile plastic pallet collar reduces shipping costs and prevents avoidable damage

Goplasticpallets.com’s versatile plastic pallet collar is proving a popular addition to the company’s range of pallet accessories, which is little surprise considering the significant benefits it offers over traditional solutions for protecting goods in storage and transit. Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of Goplasticpallets.com, said: “Historically stretch wrapping and pallet walls …

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New order from Sinotrans helps Egemin strengthen its position in China

Sinotrans, one of the largest logistics players in China, has asked Egemin to automate its new distribution centre in Kunshan. This investment is to make the company’s operations more efficient, significantly increase the productivity of its employees and help attract new customers. It is a major strategic project for Egemin …

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Polymer Logistics takes the benefits of plastic pallets to the next level with the ‘CleanPal’

‘CleanPal’ hygienic pallet, the new smart solution recently introduced by Polymer Logistics, challenges its wooden pallet rival with added value features including durability, flexibility and overall cost savings in the supply chain. As food manufacturers increasingly turn to plastic pallets in the face of food hygiene concerns, Polymer Logistics has …

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Increasing production uptime and throughput in packaging applications, by Chris Graff, VP of Sales/Marketing at Butler Automatic

Downtime, both planned and unplanned, can have pronounced impact on packing line efficiency and throughput. This downtime, caused by film roll changes, registration errors, catastrophic film failures, bottlenecks, and more, is costly, and may seem impossible to avoid. Taking appropriate steps to streamline processes wherever possible can help to mitigate …

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