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Take loading to the next level with Hörmann’s RFID technology

Take loading to the next level with Hörmann’s RFID technology

Designed to improve warehouse management, minimise operating costs and increase overall efficiency, Hörmann UK’s new Hydraulic Dock Levellers with integrated Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology provides non-contact reliable recording of goods when crossing the dock leveller.

With the use of pallets equipped with RFID technology continuing to increase in response to the rising demand for the automated flow of goods, Hörmann UK has developed its patented solution to streamline the loading processes for supply chain operators.

Hörmann’s RFID technologyWhile many RFID readers and antennas are constructed in the form of a gate that occupies valuable warehousing space around the loading ramp, Hörmann UK’s Hydraulic Dock Leveller features the antenna directly underneath the dock leveller for discreet and secure transmission.

The automatic recording of the transport of goods provides reliable data transmission along the shortest path between the RFID transponder and the reader, preventing potential collision or mechanical impact damage due to its secure location.

Phil Thorpe, Senior Product Manager at Hörmann UK, said: “As the supply chain industry continues to evolve to meet the ever changing requirements of consumers, so too must our loading solutions and the technologies they utilise. This is why we have developed our new patented solution, which provides reliable data transmission via the shortest route.

“We are working closely with our clients across the UK to provide bespoke consultations and project planning with our team of IT logistics specialists to ensure the individual needs of each client is successfully met.”

As only the dock leveller needs to be equipped with RFID technology, it presents potential cost savings for supply chain operators as no other industrial vehicles, such as forklifts, require the technology as all pallets are recorded upon the loading processes.

To view Hörmann UK’s complete offering for the industrial market, visit https://www.hormann.co.uk or call 01530 516868.

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