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Hörmann UK takes the smart approach to safe and sufficient servicing

Taking the smart approach to safe and sufficient servicing

Hörmann SmartControl Final

Smart technology is increasingly being implemented throughout all aspects of supply chain operations, streamlining processes to provide greater operational efficiency, safety and quality. Here Phil Clark, Industrial Service Manager for Hörmann UK, explores the latest technologies available to the industry, supporting warehouse managers and operators by making the servicing process for high speed doors easier and quicker.

For many warehouses, regular servicing and maintenance of machinery can initially appear a time-consuming process that minimises operations and restricts productivity. However, irregular or insufficient maintenance of machinery that is in frequent use, such as high speed doors, can cause serious safety issues.

With regard to servicing, warehouse managers should refer to the HSE’s Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which outlines all areas of compliance with regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The regulations state it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure all industrial doors throughout the warehouse are regularly serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Lack of adequate servicing can also eventually cause extended periods of downtime through significant faults or accidents that subsequently require the replacement of doors or serious repair work to be carried out. Failure to proactively implement a regular maintenance plan to service both critical and non-critical elements can also lead to potential security breaches. This is particularly important with regard to doors, as unauthorised access may be gained if a fault or damage occurs and the door cannot be fixed the same day due a service engineer or replacement part being unavailable.

To combat this, manufacturers throughout the sector are increasingly looking to streamline the servicing of their products, working closely with supply chain operators to gain their feedback on how proactive and successful maintenance plans can be implemented. In response to this, Hörmann UK has launched its new SmartControl technology, which has been developed following feedback from clients on how they can further support their logistics operations.

Compatible with all Hörmann UK high-speed doors manufactured since 2015, the system aims to minimise downtime and increase productivity for supply chain operators. This is because regular servicing is implemented into part of daily operations, rather than being deemed as an additional task that takes employee’s attention away from the productivity of the site.

Providing technical door analysis at all times, the SmartControl system is an online portal that operators and managers can remotely access throughout the warehouse. Via the system, clients can view important door information such as error messages, updates on door cycles or an in-depth overview of the high speed door’s overall performance. This enables warehouse operators to oversee the maintenance of the product at all times, as any potential faults or wear of parts can be viewed in real-time via the portal.

The programme has also been designed to provide cost-savings by aiding a reduction in the frequency and duration of service and maintenance visits through the creation of a platform that allows for proactive and proficient service planning. This also reduces associated maintenance costs, as service engineers do not need to physically visit the site as frequently to gain insight into the status of the high speed door, as all information can be viewed via the portal. It is vitally important that warehouse managers still book a physical visit from a service engineer twice a year to ensure all necessary maintenance work is carried out.

The easy-to-use software also enables parts to be ordered and replaced before a breakdown occurs, significantly minimising any potential downtime that may occur due to a fault or damage due to misuse. As the part is already on site, it eliminates the period in which warehouse managers need to wait for a replacement part to be delivered. This can typically cause costly periods of downtime, particularly for temperature controlled areas of the warehouse where the high speed door plays a crucial role in maintaining a specific temperature.

As the strain on the supply chain sector continues to increase due to the pressures of increased online shopping where customers are expecting same or next day delivery for a wide range of items, it’s crucial that warehouse operators take a proactive approach to the servicing of their high speed doors. By implementing a cloud-based portal, such as Hörmann UK’s SmartControl system, professionals can also ensure they are compliant with all relevant safety regulations, as access to the doors’ status and operational functionality can be viewed in real time.

For further information call 01530 516850 or visit: https://www.hormann.co.uk/industry-commerce-and-public-authorities/service.

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