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Talbot Transport achieve greater recycling efficiencies with support from Finlay Central

When West Midlands haulage company Talbot Transport wanted to introduce greater efficiencies to their recycling business, the company was keen to get the best advice to take their idea forward.

In a cautious market, the family-run business wanted to be sure any purchase was going to offer the best return on investment and give the necessary flexibility for the longer term.

Finlay Central was able to help identify a solution to meet the company’s needs. After careful assessment of the business operations, Sales Engineer Neil Bailey supported Talbot Transport with the delivery of a second hand Terex Finlay 883.

The second hand Terex Finlay 883 has replaced two screening machines working in tandem on the site, which receives waste from across Birmingham and Worcestershire.

Now processing rates of 150 tonnes an hour, the plant has enabled Talbot Transport to increase its output by 100 per cent.

The machine allows for the processing of more difficult soils. This means, with the fortune of good weather, Talbot Transport – who usually start processing top soil at the end of April – have been able to commence work a month earlier.

Talbot Transport is a family-run business located in Worcestershire, which has been established for 25 years.

It specialises in the supply of recycled aggregates and top soils to groundwork contractors, civil engineers, farmers and private clients.

Run by brother and sister team Bob and Sophie Talbot – Talbot Transport was first started by their father, David Talbot.

Bob Talbot said: "We would normally have looked through the trade magazines for used plant, but when you’re not quite sure what you’re buying, you want help.

"Finlay Central have been really supportive and catered to our needs really well, helping out with whatever has been required.

"Nobody is ever further than a call away and Finlay Central even arranged a training morning covering the setting up and use of the 883.

"We looked at other similar machines to the 883 but we were impressed with the greater screening surface area compared to competitors.

"It also has a greater throughput than the system we were running before, and is more efficient as far as diesel, but most importantly, the machine is very easy to work on. We carry out all our own maintenance so this is a big consideration.

"We can also increase the working windows, which is very important – especially when processing top soil which is very weather dependent."

Neil Bailey of Finlay Central, which is part of the Finlay Group of companies, said: "Talbot’s are new customers to us who we have enjoyed working with and will continue to work with in the future.

"The successful introduction of the second hand 883 shows the importance of working together to achieve the right outcome. The machinery offers a flexible solution, backed up with the support and guidance of Finlay Central as a main dealer.

"The 883 is now introducing greater efficiencies on site across their recycling process. It is recycling material more quickly and operating in wetter conditions.

"Furthermore, the introduction of the 883 not only gives increased productivity and versatility, it is also easy to move from one side of the site to another."

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