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Tawi adds to its range of vacuum lifting equipment

Lifting specialist Tawi now has a reliable and versatile crane system to add to its impressive range of vacuum lifting equipment. Tawi manufactures Lyftman cranes in steel and aluminium, in a range of configurations to suit varying needs.
Using the Lyftman LR-System profiles, Tawi’s reliable and cost-effective crane system is produced from cold-rolled, single-piece, high-strength steel, with automatic powder coating to ensure highest corrosion resistance and long service life. Four basic track sizes span up to eight metres between supports and various suspension methods are available. Robust but lightweight aluminium tracks are also available offering spans up to six metres between supports.

Tawi’s single girder crane is the most popular type of industrial installation, covering a rectangular working area, whilst a twin girder system is the heavy-duty choice, able to handle loads up to 1500 kg. Multiple girders can be used where more than one working station is involved and the twin girder crane can be equipped with a motorized trolley to automate the travelling motion.

For environments with limited headroom, Tawi offers the low-built crane system, which can be suspended from free-standing constructions or from the ceiling. The low-built system holds the girder and gantry at the same level and will provide the maximum possible lifting height in areas of restricted headroom.

A further step towards the optimal overhead system is the addition of curves: Tawi’s 45-degree angular modules will follow a production line through the manufacturing process and are ideal where a more flexible monorail is needed.
An additional benefit of Tawi’s Lyftman cranes is their compatibility with the company’s VacuEasylift. A versatile system offering simple, safe and effective lifting, the VacuEasylift will lift, lower, rotate and tilt loads, reducing manual handling and improving operator safety. Proven in many different environments and types of industry, VacuEasylift provides fast, efficient and ergonomic lifting, coupled with reliability and functionality.

VacuEasylift handles almost all types of loads, including sacks and boxes, sheet wood and metal and panels. Designed to operate quickly and smoothly, it uses the same handle to lift, lower and release its load, whilst the efficient vacuum holds goods securely.

Tawi understands customers’ requirements and designs equipment to meet them, ensuring products can be easily integrated into existing systems. For more than 80 years Tawi has been designing products to achieve safer and more effective handling of goods, providing both cost savings and improved working conditions.

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