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Tawi s VacuEasylift the simple answer to safer and more effective lifting

Based on a unique concept, Tawis VacuEasylift is a versatile system offering simpler, safer and more effective lifting. For businesses looking to reduce manual handling and improve safety for operators, the VacuEasylift will lift, lower, rotate and tilt loads. Proven in many different environments and industries, the VacuEasylift provides fast, efficient and ergonomic lifting, coupled with reliability and functionality.

VacuEasylift handles almost all types of loads, including sacks and boxes, sheet wood and metal and panels. Designed to operate quickly and smoothly, it uses the same handle to lift, lower and release its load, whilst the efficient vacuum holds goods safely and securely.

Using VacuEasylift for sack maneouvring avoids difficult and hazardous manual lifting and the unit can handle most commercial sacks. To compensate for any leakage from the sack, a rubber skirt is attached to the lifter’s suction foot.

For moving boxes, the VacuEasylift’s optional remote control is frequently requested, allowing the vacuum pump to be controlled without leaving the operating area. For objects where there is not sufficient lifting surface on the top, the VacuEasylift’s angle adapter is the answer, lifting the box from the side and placing it horizontally.

When lifting sheets or panels, loads are held securely in place with suction feet, the number of feet depending on the dimensions of the sheet. Each suction foot has a gasket, made out of natural rubber, which compensates for any irregularities in the lifting surface.

Rolls and reels, electrical goods, drums, crates and bales can all be easily handled by the VacuEasylift and there is even a stainless steel version for the stringent demands of clean room environments.

Swedish-based Tawi has been in business for over 80 years, designing products to achieve safer and more effective handling of goods and providing both cost savings and improved working conditions. Tawi understands customers’ requirements and designs equipment to meet them, ensuring products can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Tawi manufactures in Sweden and distributes its products through subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Germany, the Netherlands and some 45 other countries.

Tawi UK Limited
Tel: 01933 277260
Fax: 01933 277209

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