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TECDOS Omega Drive for Maritime Horizontal & Vertical Drive Applications

TECDOS conveyor & drive solutions for maritime applications have been designed to meet the increasing demand for drive solutions based on round steel link chains across the offshore industry. RUD’s TECDOS components and modules offer solutions for a wide variety of maritime applications for moving, pulling, lifting, telescoping, pivoting and swiveling.

One of the latest developments is the TECDOS Omega drive, a tough drive used across a variety of offshore environments for horizontal and vertical drive applications. The drive is used to pull, push, pivot, swivel structures, beams or cranes.

TECDOS Omega drives are easy to install, tolerates misalignment and heat elongation and does not produce reaction forces. It is less prone to damage when used on ice, sand, heat or other challenging environments. The Omega drive has been used across the offshore industry for projects such as moving ship cranes, traversing a machine or tracking solar panels to the sun to name a few.
TECDOS drives are increasing popular across the offshore industry due to RUD’s highly wear resistant round steel chains that are used in the drives. They are extremely robust, offer three-dimensional mobility and provide a high resistance to corrosion due to the vigorous surface coating that is applied to the chain.

For the wind power and the offshore wind industry in particular, TECDOS chain solutions are used in applications such as wind blade production and wind blade installation. TECDOS has also been used for projects such as wind tower installations and maintenance.

RUD offer standard and bespoke solutions to meet even the most demanding project requirements.

For more information please call 01227 276 611 Email: Katie.crane@rud.co.uk or visit www.rud.co.uk

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