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Telematics and transportation software company Isotrak, joins forces with PVT to supply bespoke system

The market leader in telematics and transportation software, Isotrak, prides itself on providing a consistent and upmarket service to all its customers and following a new partnership with PTV (German/Europe’s leading GIS provider), it will enhance its software capabilities within a telematics solution already ideal for any business with a large fleet.

The improved Geographical Information System (GIS), which will also be incorporated into Isotrak’s new platform to be released during Q2 as well as ATMS uses PTV’s software components, which will offer, among other functionality, satellite mapping, polygonic ringfences, route deviation, speeding alerts and POI radius search. In addition Route Sequence Planning will be added and will provide functionalities such as vehicle profiles, dynamic re-routing, truck restrictions and traffic patterns.

The PTV Group develops the market’s premier software for digital geography, transport planning and traffic planning. Isotrack embedded PTV’s Developer Components – a set of modular geographic and logistic optimising engines. This cutting-edge software technology guarantees a fast and smooth processing of the inquiries transmitted by the Isotrack front-end.

Isotrak is a systems integrator within the telematics market place and prides itself on providing premium solutions catered especially to the needs of each customer. It recognises that attempting to monopolise the industry is not conducive with supplying the best products and therefore is always open to the possibility of partnership with other service providers in order to present the strongest service.

Paul Feaviour, Chief Technology Officer, commented: ”We are delighted to be working with PTV, and see the integration of their technologies into our market leading telematics and transportation solutions as a significant enhancement that will provide real benefits to our customers”.

James de Roo, Business Development Manager UK at PTV, added: "We feel honored to contribute such an important part of Isotracks outstanding telematic solution. We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with Isotrack".

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