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TenCate and Pentair X Flow launch drinking water management with synthetic turf systems

On the occasion of the opening of the Open Innovation Center for Advanced Materials (OICAM) in Nijverdal, the Netherlands, TenCate and Pentair X-Flow are set to launch the first demonstrator project developed in open innovation, which is known as GreenSource. In this project a synthetic turf system from TenCate has been combined with water filtration technology from Pentair X-Flow). This combination will make it possible to use drinking water and other water management worldwide for both sports complexes and landscaping with synthetic turf, particularly in areas where water shortages prevail or where only polluted water is available.

At the opening of this Open Innovation Center for Advanced Materials, Mr L. de Vries, President and CEO of Royal Ten Cate, pleads for the simultaneous establishment of an Advanced Materials top-flight institution, which will enable the Province of Overijssel and the Netherlands to further strengthen their national or international competitive position.

The opening of OICAM represents an important step towards the creation of the right framework conditions for practical innovations with advanced materials. A number of striking projects have been initiated, such as GreenSource, the combination of synthetic turf and water treatment, as well as Inkjet, nano-coating technology for textile substrates. On the basis of prevailing market demand and the growing need of companies for cooperation, all these innovation projects should result in specific new products and employment opportunities.

There is an increasing demand from the international market for durable products, in particular those that save water. The GreenSource project ensures this, by combining synthetic turf systems for sports or landscaping with Pentair X-Flow technology for water treatment. The collected and treated water can then be used both for spraying synthetic turf pitches for sports activities and irrigating the terrain. Above all, the treated water can be used as drinking water for the local population.

The Open Innovation Center for Advanced Materials will shortly start up projects for demonstrators in the field of inkjet technology for trial production. It will harness specifically the knowledge of the University of Twente and in particular the Academy of Life Science, Engineering & Design of Saxion University in the Netherlands. The latter institution cooperates closely with OICAM. As a result of the recent procurement by Saxion University of a compact inkjet machine from Xennia Technology, professors and students in the field of open innovation are now able to gain essential experience of the groundbreaking technology for the nano-coating of various fluids on advanced materials, including smart textiles.

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