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Terberg DTS breaks 400th used vehicle barrier in latest deal with Flixborough Wharf

As part of a recent 3 vehicle deal with Flixborough Wharf Ltd (RMS Trent Ports), Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd has supplied its 400th used vehicle to the UK market.

Flixborough Wharf Ltd, part of the RMS Group of companies, has recently taken delivery of two used Terberg YT 220 distribution tractors, as well as a new Terberg RT283 Ro Ro dockside shunter, for use at the inland port at Flixborough Wharf. So pleased are they with the performance of these latest units that the company has subsequently placed a follow-up order for a further three additional used YT distribution tractors for delivery early in 2013.

According to Alisdair Couper, managing director at Terberg DTS, "Several years ago, we established our Used Sales operation to support our new business activities and it has subsequently achieved significant levels of growth year on year. It is fitting that a prestige operator, such as RMS Group, is the recipient of our milestone 400th used vehicle supplied by Terberg DTS in the UK."

The two Terberg YT 220 distribution tractors were delivered in August and are being used at Flixborough Wharf for pulling semi-trailers and low deck roll trailers on the quayside, under gantry cranes, to various locations within the stocking sheds on site, replacing two of the company’s older distribution tractors from its fleet of handling equipment.

The Terberg RT283 Ro Ro tractor is being used mainly for ro ro applications and went into service in September. Terberg DTS are also contracted for a full maintenance support programme for the working life of this new Ro Ro shunter. As part of the full 3-vehicle deal, Terberg are providing a comprehensive driver training and maintenance programme for RMS staff.

These are the first Terberg units to be operated by RMS at its Trent Ports, although there are various Terberg units in operation at RMS sites including Goole, Hull. Immingham and Grimsby. Commenting on these new vehicle acquisitions, John Leary, group engineering and project manager at RMS Group of Companies said, "In today’s economic climate, it is important to improve and increase the efficiency of your handling equipment fleet with the introduction of the latest up-to-date specification vehicles. Prior to joining RMS, through my previous employment, I have almost 30 years practical experience of the Terberg product range, which I know to be both reliable and durable, with excellent after sales support, all key factors that influenced our decision to specify Terberg for this order."

The 24-acre site at Flixborough Wharf is situated on the River Trent, 50 miles inland, and is operated by RMS Trent Ports. The Terminal accommodates a variety of vessels, including coasters up to 3500 tonnes, ensuring the efficient loading and unloading of a variety of goods, including steel products and dry bulk cargoes. Serving the industrial heartlands of the Midlands, Yorkshire and North West, the Trent Ports currently handle approximately 2,000,000 tonnes of cargo per annum, including exporting to major Western European and Scandinavian ports.

According to John Leary, there has been a very positive reaction to the introduction of the first Terberg units into the Flixborough fleet, "It is customary for us to generally try and keep the same drivers working on each vehicle and so far the initial driver reaction has been excellent towards the Terberg units. They have all been well received and are certainly performing to our complete satisfaction."

John Leary added, "Throughout the deal, Terberg has done everything we have asked of them, from ensuring that the presentation of the new equipment was first class when they were delivered on site, through to arranging full training and product induction programmes for our drivers and quayside staff."

Specialist vehicle supplier Terberg DTS bracket UK Ltd has developed an impressive reputation for the supply of top-quality new and used distribution shunters and Ro Ro units, making them market leaders in the UK.

As Terberg’s Alisdair Couper comments, "This deal with the RMS Group highlights the overall strength of the Terberg portfolio of new and used vehicles. We were able to put together an attractive package of trucks to suit the differing requirements at Flixborough Wharf, all of which is supported by a proven aftersales service for the whole working life of these vehicles."

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