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Terex® TLB840 backhoe loader works for the Lubrza Municipality community in Poland

A small municipality in southern Poland has a new hero – the Terex® TLB840. This backhoe loader helps them tackle every job from damage repairs, water pipe fittings and pavement construction to snow clearing. It is maneuverable, easy to operate and the cab offers excellent visibility – drivers and local officials alike sing the praises of the machine.

Recently, local officials from the municipal housing and engineering office in the Lubrza Municipality, Opole Voivodeship, southern Poland, thought long and hard about buying a modern and versatile backhoe loader for the needs of the whole municipality after the previous machine needed to be replaced. The municipality needed a versatile machine, one which could work all year long and be cost-efficient. On the advice of Asbud Maszyny Budowlane Sp.z o.o., one of the Terex distributors in Poland, they chose the Terex TLB840 backhoe loader.

The TLB840 is now being used in the construction of a gravel road and storm drains, to improve ditches and for snow-clearing, among other tasks. It is the only machine of its kind in the municipality, which means its durability and productivity are going to be thoroughly tested.

"We were looking for a machine to help us carry out our municipal projects, such as the construction of roads, and replacement of the drainage and water supply systems. It was also very important for us to secure the longest warranty possible," explains Kamil Postawa of the Municipal Housing and Engineering Office in Lubrza.

Dependable hydraulics were also a key requirement of the purchase. "The advantages of the hydraulic system were among the factors which helped us decide on this machine over others on offer. It is important that the hydraulics are easily accessible and there are no leakages," said Kamil Postawa.

According to Krzysztof Janik, operator of the backhoe loader, the machine’s versatility is its greatest asset as it is capable of performing complicated jobs in relatively confined spaces, e.g. gas-pipe connections in the gardens of houses. He also praised the machine’s maneuverability – specifically its small turning circle (with a turning radius of 10.6 meters over the bucket and 7.9 meters over the tyres). Marcus Rosenkrantz, Terex Sales Director, says that this is because the TLB840 was designed with the operator in mind.

Rosenkrantz said: "In terms of versatility, the TLB840 can perform a number of tasks as it can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments, for example, pneumatic hammers or post-hole augers. It can also be equipped with lifting attachments with burst valves which makes it an excellent choice for people who need a machine that can work on a wide variety of jobs. Our TLB840 also provides a high level of comfort for the driver, from the spacious cab with good visibility, to the ample seating space. It is well suited to the varied tasks it will be working on in Opole Voivodeship."

Bartosz Szczesniak from Terex distributor Asbud said ease of service is an important benefit of the TLB840: "Without doubt, the extended service intervals of 500 hours of operation versus many competitors’ 250 hours are an additional advantage of the TLB840 model. To help with servicing, Terex has also included Kevlar friction discs on the outboard planetary drive axles to make them easily accessible once the wheels are off. On many competing models, the brake discs are located in the drive axle housing, which is not as convenient. The material used to make the friction discs is hard-wearing and the location of the discs shortens the replacement time if it becomes necessary to change."

Szczesniak says another important feature to help with ease of service is the externally adjustable stabilizer and dipperstick wear pads, easily adjustable by the driver, saving the callout of specialist service engineers.

"These are just some examples of the solutions offered by the TLB840 model which save on maintenance costs during these tough times for the construction industry," adds Szczesniak.

The TLB840 is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, has dual brake pedals, optional 2- or 4-wheel drive, power steering, a bucket with centrally located lift capacity and a hydraulic system equipped with tandem gear pumps with an unloader valve.

Although it will face both difficult and numerous tasks, the Terex backhoe is proving it can meet the municipal challenges, thanks to its versatility, comfort and natural maneuverability.

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