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Terex Washing Systems (TWS) announces dual power control system Terex® Mobile Wash Plant

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) has announced the release of their Dual Power control system available on all versions of the Terex® M-Range Wash Plant. TWS Product Line Director, Sean Loughran commented, "For the past few years there has been an increasing focus on energy efficiency and alternative improved methods of running mobile machinery. Traditionally Diesel-Hydraulic drive systems have been used for both machine movement and operation, resulting in significant fuel costs. We decided it was time to offer our customers a better alternative."

The obvious alternatives to a diesel-hydraulic system are either all-electric or electric-hydraulic systems. However, it is fundamental to the success of mobile equipment to easily move the machines around sites or from one site to another, under their own power source.
Sean Loughran added, "Due to the fact that Terex has many mobile wash plants in the market place, we want to keep consistency in terms of spare parts, operator plant knowledge, etc. As a result we have developed an approach that is truly ‘best of both worlds’."

The Terex Dual Power system consists of both Diesel-Hydraulic and Electrical-Hydraulic power drives. This allows the customer to start, transport and operate the machine using the standard diesel engine. Once in position, and if a suitable electrical power source is available, the machine can be simply plugged into the electricity supply and the machine will operate using the electrical-hydraulic power drive, utilizing a much more efficient system and resulting in significantly reduced running costs. If the plant needs to be moved, the customer can simply unplug, start the engine and move the machine to the desired location.

Commenting on the development, TWS Sales Manager, Fergal McPhillips commented, "In our continued strive to meet and exceed customer requirements, the Dual Power option provides a more cost effective and efficient operation, which is of particular importance in the current economic climate."

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