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TGW Lifetime Services uses Smart Glasses for the ultimate insight

TGW Lifetime Services uses Smart Glasses for the ultimate insight

Automated materials handling solutions specialist TGW Logistics has further enhanced its service and maintenance provision for customers with the introduction of Smart Glasses.

The company’s Lifetime Services engineers use the augmented reality tool when on site to communicate in real time with the hotline maintenance team. The office-based team sees what the remote engineer is seeing and, when required, is able to advise on maintenance or troubleshooting work.

With the glasses also linked to TGW’s Computerised Maintenance Management System, the on-site engineer only needs to look at a QR code attached to a system component to have the relevant maintenance information displayed on the glass screen.

James Kidson, Technical Support Engineer at TGW Limited says: “We no longer have to read out error reports or describe what the problem is, what it looks like, or what we have in our hands. Colleagues see it for themselves, understand what we’re facing and provide us with instructions on how to proceed. With both hands free, it becomes even easier and quicker for us to complete the task. As a result, we increase our efficiency and our effectiveness and significantly reduce the resolution time for the customer.”

The smart glass works as an archive too. “The glass allows us to record or reconstruct certain procedures using a library or reference function, in case the same problem shows up at a different site – thereby reducing resolution times even further,” says Christoph Knogler, Director of Lifetime Services at TGW Logistics Group. “In the future, we aim to provide our customers’ maintenance personnel with access to the same technology.”

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