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TGW Twister For Versatile Carton And Tote Handling

Automated carton or tote handling in shelving racks provides considerable advantages such as reduced handling time and maximised footprint utilisation. The family of TGW Twister load handling devices offer a great variety of design options for automated storage and retrieval applications.
Twister load handling devices developed by material handling integrator TGW are capable of storing cartons in up to quadruple-deep shelving racks, whilst providing access to each individual carton and ensuring stock integrity.

The vast range of carton dimensions that can be handled carefully is impressive, with a dimension range of between 200 and 800 mm in length and 150 to 650 mm in width. This positions TGW as a leader in the supply and integration of automated storage systems providing an unbeatable number of solution options for carton & tote bin storage, offering the most comprehensive range of storage strategy.
Well-proven Technology – Constantly Being Advanced

Since 2000, TGW has been successfully delivering the Twister technology across a wide range of applications and market sectors. This load handling technology is particularly reliable due to the form-locked handling of cartons or totes by means of in-built movable flaps. Even under difficult operating conditions, such as uneven loading, irregular carton quality or low working temperatures, this equipment performs consistently and reliably..

Belt conveyors integrated in the load handling device enable very high throughput rates at the aisle interface pre-storage zone. The load is directly handed over to a driven conveyor system, without having to extend any telescopic arms, thus reducing handling times. Furthermore, the Twister can combine storage and retrieval moves within the aisle together with pick up and deposit transactions optimising the number of moves for each journey.

Simultaneous Handling of Mixed Cartons and Packages

A special feature of the Twister load handling device is its ability to handle different cartons and totes with varying sizes within multiple storage depths. This provides flexibility that allows warehouse managers to manage different package sizes contained in the same storage aisle. Moreover, the Twister V permits adapting the storage space required in the shelving racks to the respective sizes of the packages to be stored. A very high storage density is achieved by this storage method, thus keeping the dimensions of the required steelwork as small as possible and providing maximum warehouse footprint utilisation.

More storage locations can be gained per square meter of warehouse footprint with the Twister VC. This device allows for double-deep storage strategy but operates within a single depth aisle maximising the storage density; By means of an integrated lifting unit the load handling device can transport a second carton or tote per journey, which considerably increases throughput.
Storage in Quadruple Depth
Multiple-deep storage is particularly efficient, when it comes to managing single-item storage channels. Storing & transporting cartons or totes in triple or quadruple depth systems allows companies with highly dynamic distribution centres such as textile retailers and FMCGs to handle sustained high throughput rates cost-effectively.

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