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The Chartered Institute of Logistics says road transport in the snow the good news

Despite some three weeks of what some weather experts describe as ‘the worse snow for 30 years’ the freight logistics industry continues to deliver the goods which the whole population depends upon in order to continue with the routine operation of daily life. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) says that the impact of the bad weather has been kept to a minimum and that innovative and skilled transport managers and drivers have continued to serve the daily needs of industry, retailers and households.

CILT Chief Executive Steve Agg says ‘The problems caused by the continuing snow and ice generate obvious problems for lorry operators and drivers and present the substantial challenge of delivering essential supplies – food, drink, household goods, medicines and health supplies, fuels, and everything else which we take for granted as available every day – in the current appalling weather conditions.

‘The bad weather first kicked-off just ten days before Christmas yet our industry was able to ensure that the increased levels of retail deliveries, goods and services, and consumer needs for the holiday were met.

‘This week we have seen very substantial disruption to road transport as a consequence of heavy snowfalls throughout the entire UK. Transport managers and lorry drivers face enormous challenges in continuing to deliver goods as close to scheduled times as possible. The good news is that the experience, skills and expertise of the transport and logistics industry and its dedicated workforce, mean that the industry is able to meet and overcome this challenge.

‘At the same time it is local council transport staff and their contractors who are doing a fantastic job in their gritting, salting and snow clearing activities in order to keep the vast majority of routes open and operational.

‘Almost everything that we use or consume every day has been in the inside of a truck and the UK population can be confident that the transport industry will continue to do all that it can in order to maintain essential movements and deliveries of goods throughout the nation at this difficult time.’

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