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The Chelsea Band Instruments are given New Home

SSI Schaefer has provided The Royal Hospital Chelsea with numerous bays of much needed shelving, including lockable doors, to create secure storage for the popular In-Pensioners Band instruments.

The Royal Hospital Band, which comprises ex full-time Army musicians, a Musical Director and a Band Secretary, gives the In-Pensioner musicians the opportunity to meet on a regular basis, make music and perform concerts for the benefit of the other In-Pensioners.

General building and contents insurance for the hospital insisted that the band's instruments were put under lock and key when not in use, which resulted in Peter Smith, husband to the hospital's Matron, contacting SSI Schaefer, UK's leading storage and material handling equipment solutions provider.

Peter said: “The Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea In-Pensioners is affiliated to Kneller Hall (the Royal Military School of Music) and it was via this contact that gave us the confidence to approach SSI Schaefer to supply the goods and carry out the work on our behalf. After a number of discussions it was in-pensioner, Ron Darling that made the final decision to proceed and put the order in”.

Leading Account Manager from SSI Schaefer, James Skilling, said: “During my visit we utilised the many standard size components of Regal 3000 Shelving to design a suitable storage system with lockable doors. This system had to accommodate everything from a clarinet to a tuba.”

SSI Schaefer Regal 3000 Shelving is the multifunctional shelving system for all storage solutions. The frame design and variable stacking system without a fixed base, top or intermediary shelves or horizontal beams, permit a completely free configuration of the shelving bays. Regal 3000 removes the classic distinction between modular shelving, longspan racking and cantilever racking – one system to store everything – it can be extended at a later date and is fully versatile.

“We are delighted with the finished shelving from SSI Schaefer and with an impressive installation time of just half a day, Jo Chester, head of the library department has just put in another order for some further shelving to house the band's many music files”, said Peter.

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1692 the Royal Hospital has changed little in its long history. From its distinctive red brick exterior to it's beautifully designed interiors the Royal Hospital remains a remarkable and historical building.


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