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The Composting Association is changing its name

to the Association for Organics Recycling. Only 1 day to go until the re-branding of The Composting Association to the Association for Organics Recycling takes place. The change of name reflects our response to, and evolution of, the changing nature of waste management and reinforces our role as the leading UK organisation in raising awareness of the benefits of recycling biodegradable resources.

The biowaste industry is undergoing significant expansion and development, using a diverse range of technologies for the treatment of biowastes. The Composting Association recognises that its change of name will better reflect the organisation's values, membership activity and portray more accurately the activities of its core membership. This will engage a wider range of stakeholders within the industry.

The Association for Organics Recycling is a trade association representing the organics sector throughout England and devolved administrations.

Peter Mills, Chairman said, 'The waste management industry is currently experiencing growth and investment on an unprecedented scale; it is therefore crucial that the biological treatment sector establishes its role in the evolution of the sector and ensures that the industry maintains a dynamic and professional appearance in order to attract the investment required to move forwards. I feel that the evolution (or broadening) of the Composting Association into the Association for Organics Recycling will be pivotal in the achievement of this.

For more information please contact Claire Willis, Communications Manager on 0870 160 3275 or claire@compost.org.uk.

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