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The first full remote controlled self-propelled telehandler

Collé Rental & Sales, official importer of Magni telehandlers in the Benelux, Germany and Austria presents the first remote controlled Magni Rotating telehandler. Unique aspect of this Magni telehandler is the full control with the radio-controlled remote. Driving, stabilizing (also extend and retract of the stabilizers) and all of the hydraulic functions of the machine can be operated with the remote. The first user of this unique Magni telehandler is V.d. Tillaar Gevelmontage.

After the successful introduction of a full range of rotating telehandlers (Lifting capacity 4.000 to 6.000 kg and lifting height 18 to 35 meters) Magni has developed a remote control which fully controls the telehandler. Ron V.d. Tillaar, owner of V.d. Tillaar Gevelmontage explains his choice for this Magni telehandler: “Thanks to the user-friendly remote I have full control of the Magni 5.26S. At one of my last projects I independently connected the elements, transported the elements internally and mounted them directly. Thanks to the radio remote control I can help from the workplace and is a rigger unnecessary. It works more efficiently, the benefits speak for themselves! "

Easy control
The radio controlled remote has a clear classification for the three different function groups (stabilizing, transmission and hydraulic functions). These groups give a full control of the telehandler. The stabilizers can be controlled with the remote control and also the machine can be driven directly. Once stabilized, all the functions can be operated and is it possible to rotate the upper structure, lift the load, tilt the forks and operate the accessories. Collé presents a video of the remote control function on her new website. The remote control works also fully with the workbasket. For safety reasons the drive functionality can only be operated in transport position.

The remote control function is optional on all Magni-models. Magni is an innovative manufacturer of rotating and star telehandler. The new generation telehandlers of Magni stand out with an unique all-round view cabin equipped with airco and overpressure and an exceptional performance. Collé has been actively involved with developing the Magni products since Magni was established. Earlier Collé presented an Magni specifically for the efficient execution of pruning. Collé works with a network of local dealers which provides the sales and service of Magni telehandlers.

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