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The new BITO PRO pallet racking family

The new BITO PRO pallet racking system heads the company's shelving and racking family. With uprights and beams now manufactured to PRO system specifications, the pallet racking product range has been substantially widened and optimised: it is now possible to supply pallet racking geared exactly to specific requirements which at the same time can be produced at a reasonable cost.

Conventional pallet racking systems provide the basis for drive-in pallet racking, carton live storage with pallet buffer stock on top and multi-tier racking with integrated walkways. Of the general developments in the storage industry, and the shelving and racking sector in particular, the trend towards compact high bay racking stands out. Warehouse operators want maximum storage volume occupying the minimum warehouse floorspace. And there are good reasons for this: warehouse floorspace is getting more and more expensive while optimum availability of goods, fast access and on-time delivery within the shortest possible lead time have become decisive competitive factors. Conventional storage on shop floors, block storage and traditional pallet racking can no longer meet the growing demands which is leading customers to opt for multi-functional racking systems such as carton and pallet live storage and similar systems. As already mentioned above, these systems are based on pallet racking adapted and enhanced by specific components.

The PRO family makes BITO a full line supplier

From its headquarters in Meisenheim, Germany BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH is a leading single source global supplier of shelving & racking as well as plastic bins & containers, with installations of all sizes in many countries. However, to meet the ever growing demands in the field of modern storage and logistics systems, BITO have put their entire pallet racking technology under the microscope. The result is the new BITO PRO pallet racking family. Customer and operator demands were not the only factors central to all PRO project considerations, the requirement to locate the production plant at BITO's headquarters in Meisenheim was also key. Moreover, BITO's aim was to provide a homogenous range of uprights and beams to meet customer demands as closely as possible in terms of load capacity – in short to offer optimum solutions to the customer.

Bay load capacities of 6 000 up to 30 000 kg and more

Whereas the existing system lacked heavy-duty uprights and its standard beams did not offer enough possibilites for level spacing (which also led to limited load capacity gradation), the modular PRO pallet racking system provides a comprehensive choice of upright and beam types for precise adaptation to load requirements. In order to calculate the ideal design of the system's uprights and beams as well as the load capacity of a pallet racking frame as a whole, the R & D department carefully examined all conditions such as the actual cross section surface, material characteristics, material thickness, yield strength, the options where to locate stiffening corrugations and finally the rigidity of the overall system complete with struts. The range of uprights includes 9 uprights with a width of 80 to 140 mm and is made for bay load capacities from 6 000 up to 30 000 kg. A 40 000 kg capacity is even possible with special strutting between the uprights of a frame. With all these options, the PRO system completes the range in the heavy duty pallet racking segment.

Modular system allows to customise heavy duty pallet racking

The PRO pallet racking system relies on a second crucial component: BITO-Twin-Top® beams. Available in six different heights ranging from 95 to 170 mm and for pallet loads of 600, 800 and 1 000 kg per pallet, the PRO beams are constructed for bay widths of 1 800, 2 700 and 3 600 mm.

As an option, uprights can be supplied with a slot pattern to accommodate BITO flow shelves or to adjust pallet seats. If the racking installation is to be integrated into a total logistics system or for later upgrading into an automated storage system, round punchings allow to fit roller track segments and to install conveyor systems. Moreover, safety accessories such as upright protectors, column guards, back stops, back cladding, level decking, etc, add to the variety of options to customise the PRO racking system – benefits which have already convincing customers throughout industry.

Company contact:
Edward Hutchison
BITO Storage Systems Limited
Tel.: +44 (0) 24 7638 8850
E-mail: info@bito.co.uk

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