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The new BT Reflex B-series reach trucks simply effective

For simple straightforward operations, the new BT Reflex B-series reach truck from Toyota Material Handling is the ideal solution.

The RRE120B – 160B reach trucks have been specifically developed to perform in simple, low to medium intensity operations. The B-series truck range can lift between 1.2 and 1.6 tonnes, has lift heights up to 8.5m and a battery capacity up to 650 Ah. Easy to use, tough and reliable, this truck range is a practical solution suited to multi-task operations.

The BT Reflex B-series reach trucks have simple, accessible controls that are integrated in a logical way requiring minimum effort from the drivers. With fingertip controls for all fork movements and smooth electronic steering for precise driving, handling a reach truck has never been easier. A simple no compromise solution giving exceptional ergonomics, safety and Toyota quality. The steering system offers 360° flexibility, with the conventional 180° also available as an option.

A PIN-code start-up ensures that only authorised drivers have access to the truck. Additionally, the seat and controls are fully adjustable to suit the driver and the cab floor height can also be adapted according to specific requirements.

Tony Wallis, Sales and Marketing Director says "The new BT Reflex B-series completes Toyota’s range of reach trucks with a highly competitive model thanks to its simple and robust design. The new reach truck embodies simplicity and efficiency in operations".

The new BT Reflex R series is one of six reach truck ranges available from Toyota Material Handling.

Wallis adds, "From single truck users to big fleet operators and those who want specialised trucks for more sophisticated applications, we now cover every customer’s individual needs. We have the R and E-series for superb performance at height, the N, F and O-series for very specific applications, and now the B-series for simple applications".

www.toyota-forklifts.co.uk or call 0870 850 1409.
Toyota Material Handling (UK) Ltd 0870 850 1400.

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