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The new Crown WP 3010 Strong Robust Reliable and Compact

The new Crown WP 3010: Strong, Robust, Reliable – and Compact.

Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has launched the WP 3010 electric pallet truck. This new addition further extends the forklift manufacturer’s well-established WP 3000 Series of pallet trucks. Weighing from 279 kg (without battery) the new truck, despite a load capacity of up to 1.6 tonnes, is exceptionally light yet powerful and robust. Fitted with durable steel covers, the pallet truck is tough enough to withstand the most arduous of working environments. Its compact dimensions mean the WP 3010 is easy to manoeuvre in extremely confined spaces, making it especially suitable for use in narrow supermarket aisles or back of lorry applications.

Any electric pallet truck which is used in tight retail environments and on lorries to make daily deliveries is subject to a unique set of challenges. Negotiating varied surfaces, entering through narrow doorways, operating in elevators and congested aisles while handling awkward loads are normal. Being compact enough to navigate in tight retail aisles or fit into lorry trailers consuming minimal space and being robust enough to hold up to extreme conditions, is something not every electric pallet truck is built for. Crown’s new WP 3010 electric pallet truck is the answer to all these everyday issues. “We know exactly how important high-performance pallet trucks are to our customers’ logistics operations. Our new model is a compact, agile, lighter weight addition to the popular WP 3000 Series. It’s a smart solution for all kinds of applications in the food retail, beverage and logistics industries in particular. Ultimately, the WP 3010 is all about speeding up goods turnover and enhancing productivity, while minimising the costs involved,” explains Christian Rotter, Marketing Product Manager at Crown.

Strong and stable

Developed and manufactured by Crown in Germany, the WP 3010 incorporates Crown’s typical robustness. It is the only pallet truck in its class where a steel main cover is used instead of plastic. Combined with Crown’s vacuum die-cast aluminium alloy X10® handle with steel tiller arm, downtime and running costs remain at a minimum, even in the back of a lorry where frequent damage is the norm. The five-year-warranty on chassis and fork assembly reinforces this.

Agile and manoeuvrable

The new pallet truck with its compact design is exceptionally agile. The brake override feature allows operators to manoeuvre the truck with its handle in a near vertical position. The ergonomic X10® handle with its accessible, user-friendly controls, makes one-handed operation almost effortless for right- and left- handers. The pallet truck’s smooth mobility and unmatched fork tip visibility due to the maximum height of just 771mm means that it is equally easy for both male and female operators to use.

Efficiency on the road

For punctual, quick and efficient deliveries, lorry drivers must make every minute count. The WP 3010’s compact design makes it ideal for beverage deliveries and other retail logistics applications. With a head length of just 500 mm, the pallet truck fits neatly into fully laden lorries without taking up valuable load space. Alternatively, the WP 3010 can be stowed in an under-lorry storage box for quick, convenient access at each stop. The box can be fitted with an optional charger for recharging the battery while the lorry is travelling. Furthermore, the pallet truck can be left on lorries overnight in temperatures ranging from -15 to +40°C. An optional short or high load backrest together with a stabiliser strap allows safe handling of special loads such as full or empty beverage crates and quarter pallets.

Minimal maintenance for long-term added value

With long service intervals and minimal maintenance requirements, the WP 3010 is a cost effective pallet truck which only needs a first service after 12 months or 1,000 hours of operation. The regenerative e GEN® braking system uses the power of the AC motor to deliver zero-maintenance braking performance, for additional long-term added value. Finally, a full range of WorkAssistTM accessories is available to tailor the truck to individual requirements.


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