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The new Fassi F600SE crane

The new Fassi F600SE crane

After 35 years of experience and strong leadership in the field of cranes for dry wall handling, Fassi now extends its range by introducing a new state of the art, high performance model.

In a market which continues to demand high-performance models, Fassi Gru is responding by expanding its SE range with a new, cutting-edge high-performance model, especially designed for the U.S. market.

The F600SE.44 was designed not only to accommodate those who want to undertake demanding lifts, but to perform intensively over time and to withstand the most severe working conditions.

Like some other models in the SE series, the F600SE.44 is equipped with extensions on the main boom in addition to those on the secondary arm, to reach exceptional working heights. To minimize the crane’s overall dimensions, the jacks on the telescopic extensions are positioned inside of each arm, keeping the machine compact. Each model now comes with newly-introduced, sophisticated design solutions, which include protective “carbon-look” casing – a very attractive design, which protects the piping on the secondary arm and the hydraulic valve on the crane column.

The F600SE.44 model is integrated with Fassi’s own patented system – Internet of Cranes® – IoC, a system which manages all available information about the crane’s current operation, providing the crane’s operator (or service centre) the same advantages of a car equipped with smart software, to remotely manage its efficiency.

This innovation has allowed Fassi to lead the market and set new standards in an area of technology, demonstrating the Italian company’s extensive experience in research, design and production.

This crane has a generous array of highly developed equipment, including:
• continuous rotation;
• the innovative FX901 control system, with 7″ touchscreen colour display that allows the operator to view detailed information about the stabilisation conditions and the crane work;
• digital RCH / RCS remote control and the new V7 radio control units as standard;
• Automatic Dynamic Control (ADC), which verifies all the crane’s functions and maximizes the speed of movement in accordance with the load;
• FX900, the digital brain that coordinates and manages the best operating conditions for performance and optimal machine control, in addition to the crane’s safety devices.

Fassi Crane F600SE.44 capabilities:
• Lifting capacity: up to 392.26 kNm
• Hydraulic outreach: up to 30.48 m
• Dimensions: w 2.51 m, l 8.71 m, h 2.87 m

Electronic / hydraulic configuration:
• FX900 control unit
• D900 Digital hydraulic distributor
• Fassi Internet of Cranes – IoC
• V7 RRC Radio control units
• FX901 Touchscreen colour video display
• ADC Dynamic Control
• Flow Sharing

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