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The new Lynx™ PDA empowers the work force in the store and in the field

Datalogic ADC announces the Lynx™ PDA, a compact and
ergonomic device that empowers the work force to perform applications in the store and in
the field with enhanced agility.

The new Lynx PDA is the perfect companion for sales representatives and retail managers.
This mobile computer that fits in a pocket provides a 2.7 inch display powered by a new
technology that improves readability indoors and outdoors. The ergonomic shape of the Lynx
PDA makes it so comfortable in the hand that it seems like a natural extension of it, while its
IP54 particulate and water sealing rating guarantees high performance even for use in
inclement weather. The Lynx PDA is built to last.

The term all-inclusive best describes the Lynx PDA. This compact device incorporates a
GPS navigation system, a phone, a camera, a computer and a bar code collector all in one
handheld device. From the assisted GPS, which also includes Skyhook’s Core Engine hybrid
positioning system, to its 3 Megapixel camera with built-in flash and its unmatched wireless
communications, the Lynx PDA covers all bases. With this device, the workforce has
everything needed to perform any job in the Retail, Manufacturing, and Transportation &
Logistics industries fast and easily.

The four radios and internal antennas in the Lynx PDA guarantee quick and secure
communications anywhere inside and outside the four walls. A 3G/4G HSPA+ module
provides real time communication, while the Summit IEEE 802.11 b/g/n radio offers the
highest level of security thanks to Cisco certified wireless communications (CCX V4). The
Lynx PDA guarantees enhanced flexibility for any infrastructure, speeding up data transfer
considerably. Finally, Bluetooth® wireless technology removes the need for cables and
allows reports to be distributed in no time.

The data capture capabilities of the Lynx PDA set it apart from the rest. The user can choose
between a 1D laser scanner, for fast and precise reading in scan intensive applications, and
a state-of-the-art 2D bar code imager, enabling intuitive data capture of 1D or 2D bar codes.
The Lynx PDA also offers two different keyboards. The numeric keyboard maximizes key
size for rapid data entry, while the QWERTY backlit keyboard is designed for applications
requiring text entry. The use of these universally known layouts reduces training costs and
improves efficiency.

The workforce can also count on a mobile computer that is ready to use out-of-the-box with
the Lynx PDA. The battery, micro USB cable for data transfer and direct power supply with
plugs for all regions come together in one box. All the equipment needed to start working
with the PDA is there.

"Datalogic wanted to create a PDA that went beyond traditional data capture, something that
could empower workers, sales people and retail managers to improve their job experience,
while increasing speed and efficiency. The Lynx PDA presents the perfect combination of
technology, robustness and ergonomics to make jobs simple and intuitive even in the
harshest conditions," commented Francesco Montanari, Vice President and General
Manager, Mobile Computing, Datalogic ADC.

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