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The new SAMUK HG series

For long shifts, high lifts and long travel cycles 4 wheel AC Electric 48/80V (DC optional)1.5 to 4.0 ton at 500mm load centre.

Yet another new series from the leading Samuk+HC supplier with one of the largest development programmes in the lift truck industry – and at tier 2 prices!

If your application demands 500 or 1000 hours running time per year, then the operator being paid for 2000 hours must be a multi-skilled “hop-on hop-off” Operator. The HG 1.5–4.0 AC standard (DC SEM optional) is suitable for the hardest fastest applications embracing high lifts, long journeys and multiple shifts. The 4-wheel layout permits low level battery between the axles for optimum unladen stability with high masts. Samuk+HC pay more attention to unladen stability because trucks go faster and are less stable than when laden. Sample trucks are tested to BITA standards by Manchester University achieving 140% or more of the test requirement due to the low centre of gravity assured by the low battery and counterweight, as well as the heavy drive axle which make trucks more stable without a load.

The basis of all Samuk designs is KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – a factor frequently overlooked by designers in this era of multiple low cost components. The heavy duty HG series is designed for more than 10,000 hours between major overhauls. It incorporates latest technology much of it originating from Europe. Being bigger than most European factories Samuk HC and Hangcha decided on a basically new series to suit the global markets. This allowed the design team to concentrate on economic new concepts without worrying about limited volume. Assembly quality checked and tested on a new track in a new building devoted to electric trucks up to 5 tonnes capacity. The large volume justifies the exclusive 4-wheel design with the battery between axles and a conventional drive axle with only one AC drive motor and controller – unlike many low development cost trucks based on converted 3-wheeler with 2 drive motors and 2 controllers!

For eight years Hangcha made Nissan trucks for the Chinese market and some other Asian countries. For this reason you will see many common characteristics in the design and styling. The truck is conventional in appearance but incorporates many clever current technology features, so if you look at it and feel that it is a stable normal truck then the designers have won. Health & Safety tend to consider physical comfort which is relatively easy to cater for. Mental comfort and self confidence is even more important particularly where the shifts are long. The conventional HG design achieves a high level of mental comfort resulting in high output at low stress low accident levels.

Access onto the full suspension seat from both sides is by wide anti-slip steps. Vision of load, road and forks is excellent through the wide mast window and well designed integral side shift. Standard controls are scuttle mounted (side mounted and joystick optional) for easy mounting and dismounting both sides. All controls are conventional and simple and do what you expect. This reduces operator training or familiarisation costs and minimises incorrect sub-conscious reaction in emergencies. The standard AC, as well as the optional DC system, can programme over 30 features to suit the application, the load and the driver. Akebono type conventional drum brakes with light pedal pressure are used mostly for parking because the AC regenerative braking can be set to suit the Operator and holds the truck on inclines. All the hydraulics are adjustable and quiet responding in the way the driver expects. The steering wheel and steering is reminiscent of his car. All these features combined off-set tiredness three quarters of the way through the shift minimising accidents and optimising productivity. Add to this a stable happy driver with a good reputation minimising recruitment and training costs.

AC OR DC – the choice is yours. The Danaher (Sweden) high performance AC control system is standard and better suited for really heavy duty application, maximum battery charge utilisation, reduced maintenance frequency and cost. The use of current is optimised and AC motors are brushless, which minimises servicing. The enclosed AC motors can be very well protected against the water and dust and are the best basis for wet and flame proofing applications. The quiet maintenance–free transversely mounted AC Drive motor eliminates the need for a crown wheel and pinion and its problems. This makes the quiet helical gear train to the differential a designers daydream. The ultimate in low voltage (48-80v) DC controllers is the CURTIS high frequency MOSFET microprocessor, coupled with separately excited motors (SEM) to give the truck smooth movement control, including steering. Both systems are fully adjustable (without a Laptop) to suit the load, the working area and the operator. With more than 30 performance characteristics that can be adjusted, truck speed limits and Health & Safety requirements can be set in minutes. Inbuilt diagnostics record intermittent faults and service requirements – reducing extensive service downtime.

The HG series has three braking systems.
AC regenerative, traditional drum brakes with light pedal pressure and over centre hand brake lever. The AC system changes braking priorities. Regenerative braking can be set to suit the Operator or conditions. It can operative smoothly or aggressively. Above all it can hold on slopes and eliminates roll-back. A very clever and innovated system – the AC has no wearing parts. The heavy duty drum brakes are self adjusting with light pedal pressure. The key role for the traditional brakes is limited to parking when the AC system switched off. With optional DC SEM control the foot brake becomes more important because it can override regenerative braking and also hold the truck on inclines.

Samuk + HC trucks are designed with a mechanically experienced service engineer in mind, keeping complex and electrical components sealed for repair at base, which is cheaper that a two times fix. The laptop-free design, tool-less service access and diagnostic intermittent fault records – means that your staff or economically priced independent dealers can perform servicing quickly and professionally with minimum training – all aimed at cost reduction.

Contact Samuk.
Tel. 01525 877700
Email: sales@samuk.net
Web: www.samuk.net

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