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The new Wood Like RPC crate from Polymer Logistics is making a huge impact in pilot trials

Polymer Logistics challenges retailers to send images of their fresh produce aisles into them and they will digitally show customers how their retail space could look with the new Wood Like crate

Following on from the successful launch of its new Wood Like RPC crate, which is designed for retail stores that want to give that market fresh impression, it has already undergone successful pilot trials with a market-leading retailer. The response Polymer Logistics has seen from its customers has been amazing and in turn where it has been piloted sales of fresh produce in store has risen.

Feedback from retailers has included "this is the greatest invention within the field of RPC of the last 20 years" and there can be no doubt that when retailers see for themselves they will see how this new crate can transform the look of fresh produce aisles and will be 100% convinced of the difference it can make. In surveys that were completed during the pilot more than 86% of customers preferred the Wood Like RPC compared to the industrial RPC.

Retailers are recognising the fact that the perception of fresh and local can lead to increased sales. Therefore store design and layout has been adapted to reflect this. However whilst there can be no doubt that improvements have been made, the actual crates that hold and display the produce are still look very generic sterile and industrial. The new Wood Like RPC crate from Polymer Logistics presents the opportunity for retailers to switch away from non-descript, industrial plastic crates and to actually influence buyer perception in terms of the market feel.

Already nominated for a number of major industry awards, the Wood Like RPC crate continues to make a big impression at exhibitions all over the world and will be showcased again at the United Fresh Show Chicago in June this year.

Polymer Logistics is that confident in the crates ability to improve customer experience that they have issued a challenge to retailers worldwide. In essence retailers are challenged to send in images of fresh produce aisles as they are now and in response, using digital technology, Polymer Logistics will replicate how they could look using the new Wood Like RPC crate.

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