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The Rack Group revolutionise racking safety through sensor technology

The Rack Group revolutionise racking safety through sensor technology

Rack Sense from The Rack Group is a unique new product that helps effectively monitor the impact levels to your pallet racking. Aiming in turn to save on repair costs and improving the safety of your warehouse.

The Rack Group name is renowned within the industry for their continuous efforts in reducing pallet racking maintenance costs through their innovative, market leading products and services. Their latest offering comes in the form of “Rack Sense”, a sensor device which is attached to the inside of a pallet racking upright. Once there it monitors the impacts levels to the upright and notifies warehouse staff of any impacts in real time.

Rack Sense impact alerts
Rack Sense impact alerts

Before Rack Sense, pallet racking damage often went undetected and forgotten, until a yearly inspection highlighted the danger and the need to replace or repair the damage. This has always meant that a potentially catastrophic issue with the pallet racking could be missed for upwards of a year… until now.
Rack Sense is capable of highlighting impacts in real time and sending the location, time, date and impact velocity to any tablet, phone or email account. This system also notifies warehouse teams to the potentially damaged leg through an inspection iPad, this allows users to inspect the damaged leg and enter any information they see fit, such as impact levels, images, general housekeeping notes and much more. This information is then logged along with the initial impact data to a secure “Rack Cloud” server which can be accessed on any device, anywhere. This information can then be generated into reports or even sent to third parties to be quoted for repairs.

“Were delighted with the outcome of this product, there’s been a lot of testing and perfecting but we’re really excited to finally bring this industry first to market” said Richard Nelson, Marketing Coordinator of the Rack Group. “Rack Sense has taken many forms and done many things over the past few years, but we’ve listened to market leaders and undergone numerous focus groups to perfect the product and create something which will work for everyone. The product is based on a simple theory, if MHE drivers know any impacts are attributable to them through the sensor, they will naturally drive with more care, it’s just that simple”.

Trials were ran at distribution centres of a major UK supermarket chain, during these trials The Rack Group covertly installed the product so warehouse staff weren’t aware of its existence for one month. The second month staff were made aware of its location and what the product was capable of, the results were astounding, with a 70% reduction in impact levels in the first month alone, equating to a reduction in racking repair costs of £49,000 per annum.
The Rack Group, based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, have been creating innovative methods of reducing pallet racking maintenance/repair costs for over 40 years. Our previous innovative products have gone on to be sold around in the world in over 80 Countries, used by the world’s biggest blue chip companies, firmly cementing us as industry leaders in our field.

To learn more about Rack Sense please contact Richard Nelson on or visit

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