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The simple solution to a sticky problem

A major advance in packaging technology that will overcome the perennial problem of product wastage from conventional storage and distribution of highly viscous products has been confirmed by Arlington Packaging. Already market leaders in 1,000ltr Bag-in-Box packaging systems, the company has now launched a new system designed specifically for highly viscous materials that will minimise product waste and eliminate the significant costs associated with handling such materials.

Called Air Assist, the new system uses a highly innovative dual-layered bag and compressed air solution to ensure that product can be successfully and easily extracted from its bulk packaging. In pre-launch trials the system typically pumped out 98% of product from its Air Assist packaging. This represents a substantial improvement on conventional packaging techniques where it is very common for substantial quantities of residual product to remain, even after time-consuming and costly manual or mechanical product extraction is attempted.
According to Harry Fairbank, Managing Director of Arlington Packaging, "Traditionally, high residual waste levels have been tolerated as there has not been an effective packaging solution for such products despite the reduced profitability and squeezed margins incurred by anybody producing, storing or transporting such viscous substances. Clearly, the more expensive the product, the bigger the loss – right up to very high-value pharmaceutical preparations. Our new Air Assist technology makes this very much a problem of the past and will transform productivity for any manufacturer that uses or produces such viscous products."

The system features a triple-layered standard PE liner, and compressed air is blown between the outer and inner layer to push the product towards the bag’s standard discharge fitments. In this way, the compressed air squeezes viscous materials from four directions (back, bottom and both sides) at a consistent preset pressure into the system’s pump, which pushes the content through the liner bag’s outlet nozzle. The user simply connects the air and pumps out the product.

And because the air is blown between the bag’s two layers of film, it never comes into contact with the contents, meaning the system can be irradiated and safely used with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, foodstuffs and in other aseptic applications.

As Harry continues, "While the system is very easy to use and simultaneously cuts waste and labour to deliver parallel savings for rapid return on investment, it also streamlines response times and delivers improved customer service. So for any business that handles or produces viscous substances, our new Air Assist system is truly a huge leap forward."

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