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Hyster announces the launch of its new technology rich, customer tailored H2.0-3.5FT internal combustion lift trucks. The new Fortens™ series, the company says, has taken a quantum leap in providing added value for customers through cost effective application solutions. The new models mark a breakthrough in how lift-trucks are designed and built. They represent a massive investment in design, development and manufacturing by the only global, full line supplier of materials handling equipment.

During the development of the Fortens range, Hyster has invested heavily in the best virtual, bench and field testing equipment and processes in the industry. This has ensured that the new H2.0-3.5FT Fortens series boasts unprecedented reliability and dependability, the lowest cost of operation, operator-preferred ergonomics and application matched performance. Hyster projects that this new lift truck concept will help fleet operators make significant savings each year while delivering greater peace of mind.

Dependability you can count on
Hyster research has shown that approximately 70% of industrial lift truck downtime results from problems with the powertrain, electrical system, cooling system or hydraulic system. The Fortens series delivers significant improvements in all of these areas to reduce downtime by up to 30%. All the Fortens trucks are fitted with a

durable powertrain which is controlled by the Hyster-developed Pacesetter VSM™ (Vehicle System Manager), featuring a CANbus communications network. This is the computer 'brain' of the truck which monitors and protects key truck features, including the truck's tough powertrain and all its electrical systems, to maintain world class dependability. In addition, Hyster has developed and fitted its own electronically controlled DuraMatch™ transmission on the Fortens Advance and Advance+ models. This technically advanced transmission design boosts performance while reducing operating costs. It will lessen wear and damage, to reduce costly downtime and expensive repairs, as well as minimising operator fatigue.

Its adjustable Auto-Deceleration System (ADS) can be programmed to slow the truck, with varying degrees of deceleration, when the accelerator pedal is released. This allows the truck to be tailored to suit the needs of the driver and requires less brake pedal usage, leading to a 60%.increase in brake life.

Controlled roll back on gradients further contributes to truck control and decreased operator fatigue. The power reversal feature of the DuraMatch transmission allows even the most aggressive direction changes to be smooth, while increasing tyre life by up to 50%.

Productivity you can bank on
This new series has been designed to give truck operators increased throughput while reducing operating costs. There are three truck packages to choose from – the Hyster Fortens, the Fortens Advance and the Fortens Advance +. Within those packages, there is a choice of engines, transmissions, hydraulics and cooling systems so that users can match the truck configuration to their individual application

requirements and business objectives. Hyster's success in designing the most productive trucks in its class is highlighted by the company's tests against its four major competitors. For example, the diesel powered Hyster Fortens Advance + moved 15.8% more in terms of loads per hour in a demanding application and 30% more in an intensive cycle.

Built-in low costs of operation
In head-to-head comparisons with comparable trucks from leading competitors, the new Hyster Fortens Advance was shown to offer significant annual savings in operating consumable costs. These included fuel efficiency, longer tyre life, reduced break wear and decreased service time. This, combined with a 30% decrease in downtime, makes the Hyster H2.0-3.5FT series a very astute choice when it comes to low costs of both operation and ownership.

Ergonomics that operators prefer
Hyster ergonomics reduce operator fatigue and increase their productivity through superior comfort, superb controllability, precise, low effort handling, and easy entry and exit.

An independent survey conducted in the United States, where the truck is already proving popular in the market, has shown that operators prefer driving the new Hyster Fortens, particularly as it offers them 20% more floor space.

The Ergonomic Centre of North Carolina, USA also evaluated the muscle effort of 15 independent fork truck drivers over a typical shift pattern. The same tests where performed on the Hyster Fortens trucks and 4 competitor trucks. Results revealed that driving the new Hyster trucks reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

One of the major ergonomic advantages of these new trucks is Hyster's own
E-hydraulic control configuration. This is available in a choice of the mini-lever TouchPoint™ system, or TouchControl™, which uses a joystick. These comfortable, effort-saving controls are built into the seat armrest and are adjustable to
enable the operator to find a comfortable driving position for the duration of his shift. In addition, the armrest itself is hinged to allow for right-side entry/exit.

Simplified Serviceability
Hyster's design engineers have made the new Fortens range the fastest and easiest truck to service. Not only are the service requirements significantly reduced, but the Pacesetter VSM™ on-board diagnostic system continually monitors all the trucks electrical systems, as well as the powertrain and the e-hydraulic systems. The system allows technicians to identify and solve problems either via the dashboard display or via a plug-in laptop computer. This prevents any small problems turning into major ones.

What's more, should any parts be required, then they're available under Hyster's Performance Plus™ Parts Guarantee.

Backed by Hyster's experienced and extensive dealer network – with over 150 dealers located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – the new Fortens range clearly delivers increased throughput and uptime compared with competitive products.

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