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UK Makes A Bid For The Asteroid Mining Industry
An artists impression of the APS-1 satellite analysing a passing Near Earth Asteroid.

The UK makes a bid for the Asteroid Mining Industry

The UK has always been a place of innovation and economic industry and this tradition caries to this day. But what about being a front runner for industry towards the future? With the decline of manufacturing in the UK with it’s main economy moving towards service industries will it ever be able to create a new industrial revolution for the 21st century? One start-up in the UK aims to take industry to whole new heights by acquiring resources and manufacturing off this planet called the The Asteroid Mining Corporation.

Who are The Asteroid Mining Corporation?

The Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC) is a company founded by Mitch Hunter-Scullion when he was just 20 with the goal to mine the Asteroids for precious metals and other resources. The company consists of a small group of Millennials who all have an interest in the potential of the solar systems resources to be made available to an on, then later off Earth based economy commercially.

For their first mission The AMC won’t actually be mining asteroids but will be starting with an activity undertook by terrestrial mining companies and that is surveying and prospecting. In order to make a decision on what asteroid are worth the effort and investment to mine, the composition and other characteristics such as size, orbit and rate of spin needs to be determined and so the asteroids need to be surveyed.

So to get this data the The AMC will build a cube-sat satellite, the Asteroid Prospecting Satellite-1 (APS-1), that will have a spectrometer sensitive in the near-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Through the process of Reflectance Spectroscopy where the sensor analyses the light being reflected from the target asteroid, the chemical make-up can be determined. The AMC will then take this data and incorporate it into information products to be available commercially to private companies, academic and also governmental institutions.

Why mine asteroids in the first place you might ask?

An artists impression of The Asteroid Mining Corporations concept mining probe as it approaches an asteroid.
An artists impression of The Asteroid Mining Corporations concept mining probe as it approaches an asteroid.

It is proposed that a metallic M-type asteroid measuring just 100 meters in diameter would have Billions worth of Platinum alone and if including all the other rare metals and the massive amounts of Iron and Nickel also present then the value of asteroids speak for themselves! The idea of the AMC is to mine suitable asteroids and bring rare and valuable metals to Earth and keep all the other resources for use in space. These other resources including water can be used to manufacture habitats, power stations or just about anything we could imagine in the zero-gravity conditions of space. Maturing technology such as 3d printing would be used to facilitate this manufacturing and would open up new and bolster existing design, engineering and manufacturing companies.

Who else is doing it?

The AMC isn’t alone in it’s wishes to mine asteroids with a number of other companies also in the race. The US based Planetary Resources founded in 2012 by Peter Diamandis and Eric Andersen intends to eventually mine valuable metals commercially from near earth asteroids. This company with financial backing from Googles Larry Page and Eric Schmidt together with James Cameron and Richard Brandson is not short of investment. Also another US company, Deep Space Industries, founded by Rick Tumlinson and David Gump with many others are also drawing up plans for asteroid mining. Deep Space Industries, announced in 2013 plans for mining water for fuel and the construction of space power plants and even orbital human colonies on their minds.

Have you an interest in space and the idea of humanity expanding into the cosmos and wondered how you could do your bit to help? – Well now you can!

The AMC is currently holding a round of crowd funding where you yourself can contribute towards this companies efforts to bring the resources of the solar system into the hands of humanity. With your investment you will be helping to enable the creation of an integrated on and off-world economy that will generate jobs and innovation for many generations to come and achieve a return on investment with our success.

If you want to learn more about The Asteroid Mining Corporation then visit their website at https://asteroidminingcorporation.co.uk

If you would like to know more about the investment crowdfunding campaign then visit the CrowdCube page here!



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