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The Warwickshire waste partnership – compost for a greener summer

The Warwickshire Waste Partnership is reminding Warwickshire residents that warm wet weather creates the perfect conditions for home composting.

More than 30 per cent of household waste can be composted and the benefits to the householder and the environment are enormous. Grass clippings and prunings from the garden, household waste items such as kitchen peelings, shredded
paper and cereal boxes are important ingredients for a compost bin.

As well as diverting waste away from landfill, compost produces a free source of nutrient and soil conditioner for gardens with very little effort.

Glenn Fleet, Warwickshire County Council’s Group Manager, Waste Management, said: "Composting is an important method to reduce waste. It is not just vegetable peelings and grass cuttings that can go in to your compost bin – it is
important to add drier organic materials such as shredded paper, scrunched up cereal boxes and newspaper, mix it all together and your well on your way to producing rich compost."

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