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The Yanmar ViO23-6 compact performance for urban worksites

The Yanmar ViO23-6 – compact performance for urban worksites

Designed for worksites with limited access and operating space, Yanmar’s ViO23-6 mini excavator is ideal for urban environments. With its zero-tail swing design, neither the counterweight or upper frame extend beyond the width of its tracks, offering safe and predictable operation in tight spaces.

Powered by Yanmar’s proven 3TNV76-PBV1 engine, the ViO23-6 is quiet, efficient and reliable. Harnessing an indirect injection system and mechanical speed governor, the engine delivers 14.6kW power at 2,400rpm. Auto-deceleration and eco-mode features are included as standard, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

The ViO23-6 offers exceptional performance for its class, with 13.1/17.5kN of digging force (arm/bucket) to a depth of 2,655mm. Smooth and predictable control is provided by the ViPPS (ViO Progressive 3 Pump System) hydraulic system, which uses three separate pumps – one variable displacement piston pump and two gear pumps – to allow for simultaneous operation of controls. The ViO23-6 also makes use of a 1,550mm wide extendable folding blade that offers tool-less extension changes.

With a variable undercarriage that can be easily extended and retracted with a single lever, the ViO23-6 can access tight spaces, while offering enhanced stability once extended. It can perform on a variety of surfaces, with an operating weight of 2,245kg for the canopy version and 2,405kg for the cabin model. Its low transport weight of 2,270 kg means worry-free towing on a 3.5t trailer, even with a breaker and buckets on board.

Operators benefit from a spacious cabin and triple mirrors designed to provide 360° visibility. An adjustable air suspension seat reduces fatigue, while increased legroom and ergonomic arrangement of the operating controls maximises comfort. The ViO23-6 cabin has been designed to meet ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) certification and FOPS (Falling Object Protection Structure) Level 1.

A 3.3” digital interface informs the operator in real-time about the machine’s status, including fuel level/consumption, coolant temperature and LED lamp control. The interface also monitors maintenance intervals and functions as a diagnostic tool by reporting error codes to the operator.

For more information about the ViO23-6, or to find your nearest dealer, visit www.yanmarconstruction.co.uk.

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