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There’s something in my eye

WITH the majority of eye injuries occurring in the workplace and ranging from a minor irritation through to complete loss of vision, eye protection is a key component in many workplaces but yet it’s extremely easy to get wrong according to workplace equipment supplier Slingsby.

Estimates suggest that more than 120,000 eye injuries occur each year in the UK and the majority of these happen at work. Slingsby supplies more than 35,000 workplace products across all industries including an extensive range of eye wash facilities and eye protection products.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director of the firm, explains: "Our eyes are hugely valuable and extremely delicate so it’s vitally important that workers take all the right precautions where their eyes are concerned. Although anyone can suffer an eye injury, regardless of what industry they work in, there are many jobs where the risks increase significantly. People handling hazardous liquids and anyone using tools to chop or cut materials face obvious dangers and have to be extremely careful.

"In many work environments eye protection is mandatory under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations but it can be confusing. With different types of goggles and glasses required for individual hazards including liquids, dust, gases, electric arcs, hot materials and various energy impacts, it’s imperative to check that workers are wearing a suitable product for the job they are doing."

Lee adds: "Often very serious injuries can occur when dangerous chemicals and liquids come into contact with the eyes so before seeking medical treatment it’s vital that any such substances are washed out immediately while keeping the eye open which will reduce the amount of burning or damage it does. Ideally lots of sterile saline, such as that found in eye baths, should be used although simply using tap water is better than nothing."

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