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TIGER DEMO at Intermodal Europe 2013

The TIGER DEMO project partners will lead a conference session at Intermodal Europe 2013 in October at the Hamburg Messe, Germany, presenting the international experiences so far individuated and demonstrated during TIGER and TIGER DEMO.

"Intermodal Europe 2013 provides an opportunity to share best practices and the experiences implemented during TIGER DEMO" explains Franco Castagnetti, TIGER DEMO Project Leader. "Through TIGER DEMO we are demonstrating the developments and practices presented in the TIGER Project and the implementations that have taken place with the three demonstrators in Italy and Germany."

TIGER DEMO is an EU Commission co-funded Project under the 7th Framework Program as the continuation of the TIGER Project. TIGER DEMO stands for ‘Trans-Rail Integrated Goods European-Express Routes Demonstrators’.

"TIGER DEMO has been implemented to help determine the best practices for intermodal freight using railway transportation" explains Mr Castagnetti. "With direct links from Sea Ports to railways, the wait time for containers at the ports can be significantly reduced. There are also geographically specific benefits. For instance, containers received at Genoa Port can overcome the bottlenecks of the Apennines via rail to Rivalta."

The TIGER Project was developed by considering four basic European transport constraints. An increase to freight mobility demand versus constrained infrastructure; ports de-congestion for managing an increasing volume of traffic; sustainable mobility supporting the environmental situation and climate change; better utilisation of the available European structures to avoid costs and construction timings dictated by infrastructure expansion.

At Intermodal Europe 2011, the TIGER Project held its second annual conference for members to debate and discuss major challenges facing rail intermodalism in Europe, as well as a popular series of seminars on the future of intermodalism in Europe.

"Our previous experience of Intermodal Europe in 2011 was a great success, working with the event organiser, Informa. We didn’t realise initially just how big the conference session would be," explains Mr Castagnetti. "But the most important thing in the project, and indeed in the freight world, is that shipping companies and freight forwarders all participate. There was a great level of participation at Intermodal Europe 2011, with around 160 attendees and we hope that 2013 will prove even more successful."

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