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Titan drives market growth with integrated SYSPRO solution

Specialist component manufacturer Titan is expecting to drive growth throughout the entire business after investing in a new integrated enterprise resource planning system from K3 Syspro (K3). The new solution encompasses an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system and will replace Titan’s existing Materials Resource Planning (MRP) software. The company expects SYSPRO to drive efficiencies throughout the entire business and help it achieve growth into a number of new markets.

Titan has recently diversified into the automotive, aerospace, marine and defence industries and is placing a focus on smaller sized engines, forced induction and clean technologies as it looks to expand its market presence further. A fully integrated SYSPRO solution with APS provision will seamlessly link raw materials and production capacity to the shopfloor and enable the company to respond more quickly to demand.

An innovative workflow module will automate engineering change control and
document management, saving time and labour, and reducing operational costs by eliminating unnecessary data entry and administration. The integrated solution also includes HR software, enabling Titan to better match its workforce against capacity. With all these systems in place, the company will be able to turn its attention to further market diversification whilst still being relied upon for component manufacture by such prominent car manufacturers as Lotus, Caterham and Radical Sportscars.

For Mark Martin, Systems Manager at Titan, the key requirement for the company was always a fully integrated solution. After looking at a number of options, it was the functionality and scalability of SYSPRO that best suited Titan’s requirements. He explained: "We needed a solution that would provide us with seamless integration into our other business systems and that was scalable enough to grow with us and not be restrictive. K3 presented a number of demonstrations of SYSPRO and it became clear to us that this solution not only offered us that scalability but would also easily integrate with other systems to become one single solution. That is what set it apart from the other options available to us."

Originally selected from a pool of 15 potential ERP suppliers, it later transpired a number of Titan’s customers were using SYSPRO. A customer open event held at the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone, further reinforced K3 Syspro’s customer service support and reassured the company that K3 would work with it as a partner, rather than just another supplier.

Mark Martin added: "We attended the K3 Syspro customer event and as a potential customer I expected to be left in the corner and wrapped in cotton wool but they really involved me in everything. You can buy software but there is no guarantee it is going to benefit you until after you have implemented it. It was reassuring for us to see that K3 really does work with its clients to make sure they get the best out of their ERP investment and this was a key selling point for us."

Implementation of SYSPRO is underway and Titan expects to meet its go-live date on August 1 2014.

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