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Title Harland Simon announces launch of sky-trax warehouse visibility solution at IMHX 2010

Harland Simon announces the launch of the sky-trax warehouse visibility solution and extends an invitation to all warehouse operators and managers to visit Stand 20B90 at the IMHX.

The sky-trax product range is an exciting new addition to Harland Simon’s portfolio and is the perfect solution for busy warehouse operations providing complete visibility of FLT and inventory movement.

Sky-trax works by automatically collecting data from the FLT and forwarding it to monitoring software. Optical sensors mounted on the FLT relay accurate real-time location information back to central software; a sensor mounted on the main mast automatically collects inventory ID while another points upwards towards the optical positioning markers (OPM) mounted on the ceiling for accurate location.

Users of sky-trax typically run multiple FLT’s operating over several shifts and have high pallet movements. In all cases they report increased productivity around 30-40%.

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