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TMAT’s honeycombed chemical innovation

TMAT Ltd, a multi-national manufacturer of acoustic components for tractors and excavators, is at the forefront of Polyurethane Elastomer engineering.

Innovative chemical engineering and precision tooling has led to an new process for making a new polyurethane acoustic insulation flooring product.

The STW 100 system can be used for many applications; it produces a honeycomb structure which is made in a mould. A carefully controlled chemical reaction enables the elastomer to remain a liquid whilst being cast and then to set (cure) at exactly the right second.

The result is a high definition, light product, with great physical integrity polyurethane that has the same sound-dampening properties as rubber alternatives at a lower cost.

Historically it has been extremely difficult and considered impossible by some to produce an Elastomer ‘waffle backed’ component of the size and dimensions required by TMAT’s market segment.

For years, TMAT has used its own Elastomer formulations to create superior acoustic parts in a wide variety of applications, specifically for Noise, Vibration and Harshness protection on special vehicles and off highway machines.

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