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top-VOX pick by voice showcase topSPEECH-Lydia with new features at IMHX 2010

top-VOX raises the bar with regards to high-performance speech-based picking application a bit higher. The specialist for voice-control logistics provided two new features to its flagship topSPEECH-Lydia, which contribute to a significant increase in performance. By activating the AGC mode (Automatic Gain Control), "Lydia" automatically adjusts to the acoustic conditions of the speaker and provides an optimal signal for voice recognition. At the same time the AGC prevents the influence of background noise on the quality of speech recognition, in particular the influence of temporary loud noisy occurrences. The NVC (Noise Controlled Volume) automatically adjusts the audio output according to the ambient noise. The advantage: cumbersome manual adjustments using the keypad of the device on which "Lydia" runs are history – the staff always hears the audio output at an optimal volume. If the user still wishes to make individual adjustments – no problem: By way of the service voice commands "louder" or "softer", he can adjust the sound output very quickly to his liking. The speech-based picking application topSPEECH-Lydia of top-VOX with its enhanced service performance will be shown for the first time at the IMHX (booth 134 / hall 19) from 16 to 19 November in Birmingham.

With the integration of AGC and NVC, top-VOX takes another step towards significantly increasing the usability of speech-based picking application systems. Even in the most noise-sensitive environments employees can work right off the bat with "Lydia", without any training or voice samples. The top-VOX solution automatically and exactly tunes in to the general conditions for the audio output. Thus, the employee can do his job immediately under optimal conditions, without any time-consuming adjustment procedures.

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