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top VOX pick by voice warehouse solutions now active in Japan

Pick by Voice has now arrived in the land of the rising sun. Despite advanced and automated warehouses, local experts want to squeeze the last ounce of efficiency from logistics centres. With suitable know-how and high-performance solutions top-VOX, the IT specialist for logistics applications, comes to the aid of Japanese logistics experts with an introduction to voice controlled order picking. In the meantime, various PDA hardware manufacturers have been equipped with demo systems, and initial projects are already in the starting blocks. Japanese system integrators have been putting out feelers as well, particularly due to the presence of top-VOX at the AUTO-ID EXPO in Tokyo in September.

The Japanese market shows a strong demand for speech-based logistics solutions, according to estimates by top-VOX. Increases in productivity and picking quality are a significant factor here. This is exactly what the topSpeech-Lydia Pick by Voice Suite stands for. The solution is complemented by a Japanese PDA or the VOXter portable computer, by which the picker communicates with the warehouse management system. These devices are characterised by its particular ruggedness with respect to water and dirt resistance. By means of its simple and clear operability, the device can be easily integrated into the workflow and additional manipulations are not needed to operate the device. Through the use of removable battery packs multi-shift operation is possible without any trouble depending on the type of PDA. With new robust connecting components such as its headset connector, solutions from top-VOX are well suited to the rough everyday life of the client’s warehouse. Together with topSpeech-Lydia it provides stable, voice-based data exchange and thus contributes to increasing the effectiveness of commissioning.

"Interest in Japanese language software for the Logistics division is currently quite large among the hardware manufacturers in Japan," said Andreas Finken, topVOX president.

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