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Touchstar Technologies Fuel Delivery Management System is first choice for Reynolds Logistics

Reynolds Logistics, leading bulk fuel and lubricant distributors have recently chosen the TouchStar Technologies Fuel Delivery Management System with TouchPC Raven to further enhance their fuel delivery operations.

The Reynolds Group provide Bulk Fuel and Lubricant distribution solutions to clients throughout the UK and Ireland. As the preferred logistics suppliers to big fuel and lubricant providers such as Shell, Castrol, Topaz Energy, Maxol and Tedle Oil Products, they undertake a full spectrum of logistical services that meet and exceed their clients expectations. Reynolds Logistics Ltd provide the delivery of fuels to services stations, airport depots and commercial customers nationwide. They also undertake the contract distribution and storage of bulk and packed lubricants that also includes warehouse stock holding and order picking. Throughout their long history and success they have established a reputation for reliability in performance, a pragmatic "hands-on" approach allied with cost-efficiency and safety in operations that is unrivalled by any of their competitors.
Reynolds base their success on a key number of attributes focused on their expertise and experience, a proven track record that is linked with their reliability, flexibility and strong management focus. With a unique fleet of networked delivery vehicles capable of bulk and packed delivery, Reynolds extend their innovation and control of the supply chain right to the point of delivery. Reynolds recently chose to further enhance their fuel delivery capabilities by selecting Fuel Delivery Management System by TouchStar Technologies. TouchStar Technologies Ltd have been supplying Mobile Computing solutions to the fuel industry for over two decades and provide the hardware, software and expertise for an optimal turnkey solution.
The Reynolds solution is based on TouchStar’s sophisticated "FuelStar" software which provides multiple features including:

• Real Time Delivery Instructions to the driver
• Immediate notification of deliveries with position date
• Facsimile view of signed delivery dockets at the server
• Tracking data
• ADR Safety Checks
• Meter Connectivity
This base platform provides Reynolds with the capability to expand their solution to incorporate other features such as:

• Integrated Navigation for Drivers
• In-Vehicle Weighing
• Tachograph Integration
• Vehicle/Driver Performance
• Integrated Voice Communications

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