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TouchStar Technologies ORTEC and Silicon Controls sign cooperation agreement

Leaders in On Board Computers (OBC) technology TouchStar Technologies announce the formation of their co-operation with ORTEC, global leader in advanced resource planning, and leading global telemetry experts Silicon Controls. The three companies collaborate to deliver SHV Gas’s Digital Logistics Initiative. SHV’s objectives are clear: it aims to reduce distribution costs by 10%.

SHV Gas, which operates in 27 countries worldwide, distributes its products mainly to domestic and small businesses customers. From around 100 warehouses across Europe, 2,000 trucks deliver LPG , both in bulk and contained in bottles.

The solution will integrate TouchStar’s rugged TouchPC based On-Board Truck technology with ORTEC’s Vehicle Routing and Dispatch software and Silicon Controls remote tank monitoring system "Gaslog". All three companies have committed to providing the best technology for efficient LPG delivery operations. Combining the vast functionality, knowledge and experience of all the companies will provide SHV Gas with a true end-to-end solution including the implementation, execution and the support of every facet of SHV Gas cylinder and bulk LPG Digital Logistics Initiative. "We are delighted to be collaborating with established companies like ORTEC and Silicon Controls for the SHV Gas Digital Logistics initiative." Says Jim Austin, Sales Director at TouchStar Technologies. "SHV Gas have spent considerable time to choose the best of breed suppliers in their fields to fulfill the specific goals of SHV Gas. This brings considerable mutual benefits to all parties. Together we are able to offer a truly first class solution that will provide real benefits to SHV Gas’s operations".

Digital Logistics expert Denis Vidal explained the context and the reasons behind the implementation of this large-scale project: "Previously, each European country had its own tools to manage its distribution operations, and the planning and scheduling activities were usually performed manually. The individual countries were not really looking to share their experiences. We decided to implement this project in order to align and standardize our logistics and planning processes. We launched a new ERP Supply Chain solution that allows us to manage the entire chain, from order to cash."

Implementation and use

"The purpose of the project is to document best practices and allow users to share experiences, as well as measure how close each country is to achieving that ideal standard, and implement solutions," Mr. Vidal explained. "We will also implement the solution in countries that are smaller in terms of market size, resources, and means available (for example, Spain and the Benelux)." Mr. Vidal added: "The implementation of these types of projects is a long-term process, as it is extremely challenging in terms of integration and interfacing, as well as for management, who has to prepare the team for changes. We selected Touchstar, ORTEC and Silicon Controls as we needed a proven solution with international background to help us in this complex project."

TouchStar, ORTEC, Silicon Controls

The collaboration will enable SHV Gas to take complete control of their LPG distribution costs. "Gaslog" – Silicon Controls Remote Tank monitoring system integrates with the ORTEC Suite (comprising ORTEC Shortrec and ORTEC Orion, ORTEC’s automatic stock-replenishment system) facilitating the continuous logging of tank levels and usage across all SHV GAS customer sites. As a direct result of the communication, ORTEC is able to provide automated stock forecast and replenishment information.

The collaboration will also utilise the connection between ORTEC’s suite and TouchStar’s leading On-Board Computing solution. Incorporating the TouchStars sophisticated GasStar and ATEX certified TouchPC for bulk distribution and CylStar software on the TouchPC for Cylinder distribution opens up an all-encompassing system that interconnects drivers, depot workers, back-office staff and head office. Utilising ORTEC’s solution for Vehicle Routing and Dispatch, their collaboration generates both static and dynamic, cost efficient transportation schedules for SHV Gas operations.

Benefits of the SHV GAS Digital Logistics Initiative

The collaboration of TouchStar, ORTEC and Silicon Controls will deliver a measurable return on investment to SHV Gas, benefits include:

Improved Operational Efficiency
Optimizing the deliveries and routes of a fleet of vehicles can sheer away wasted time, fuel and mileage costs. Greater visibility of driver route status through vehicle GPS locations, immediate notification of delays, stock alerts and enhanced communication with drivers helps planners effectively respond to operational events. This makes the whole process more flexible, efficient and profitable.

Enhanced Customer Service
Enables businesses to provide a professional and efficient service that surpasses customer expectations. Delivery times and volumes are accurately calculated so that stock-outs and oversized deliveries are eliminated. Improved communication means customers are informed if there has been a hold up on route with an Expected Time of Arrival (ETA). Better visibility ensures that deliveries are never missed and ensures they are on time every time.

Improved Fleet Management
Greater fleet visibility enables better control of your fleet security. It ensures that vehicles are being driven carefully and legally, subsequently alerting businesses to instances of speeding, breaches of vehicle security and unplanned stops. It can also ensure that businesses are alerted when their drivers are nearing their driving time quota, thus ensuring that you always meet with legal requirments.

Greater synergy within the company:
Improved integration with the company’s other services (commercial and administrative) and related tools (CRM and ERP ) and improved internal processes.

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