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Tough new Pallet Truck from Hyster

A new super tough powered pallet truck has been officially launched, marking the next chapter in the ‘Inside Story’ of Hyster. The brand has been extending its capabilities and offerings with a diverse range of demanding indoor handling applications.

The new Hyster® P1.6-2.2 pedestrian powered pallet truck series has been intelligently designed throughout to deliver reliability, durability, and a low cost of operation.

For tough applications
The new Hyster® P series includes 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 tonne capacity models, designed for use in applications throughout the supply chain, including: transport and logistics by land, sea or air; primary and secondary distribution; manufacturing industry support; wholesale and retail sales centres; and home delivery services.

The design philosophy behind the new pallet truck sets out to deliver customer value in five key areas – dependability, productivity, ergonomics, low cost of ownership and serviceability, which are fundamentals across the Hyster range. “The new Hyster P1.6-2.2 powered pallet truck is a super tough truck that takes its place alongside other flagship Hyster warehouse products like the Reach Truck and VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Truck” says Kate Pointeau, Hyster Brand Manager.

Outstanding Durability
The true hallmarks of Hyster are to be found in this product’s outstanding durability and reliability in combination with intelligent features that support ease of operation, even in the most intense and demanding operations.

The new product has a heavy duty steel drive frame with 10 mm thick welded rear plate, robust fork bodies, pull rods and torsion bar, giving the structure enhanced stability as well as resistance to wear and torsion. The cover of the P1.6-2.2 is made of a durable engineered thermoplastic elastomer, which is flexible, resistant to chipping and provides excellent protection of components.

In spite of this rugged construction, tests showed the new P1.6-2.2 used 7% less energy than the previous product, as well as being 11% more productive when unloading trailers.

Hyster Intelligent Lift™
The new range offers a number of exciting options to boost operator productivity in busy warehouses. In response to market feedback, an exclusive design feature of the Hyster P1.6-2.2 Series is the new Hyster Intelligent Lift™ option: with one button press the pallet is lifted to maximum fork height, while transporting. “The best operators can pick a pallet up in one fluid and seamless movement, so we designed a software solution to mimic this driving style,” explains Kate Pointeau. “It really is an intelligent design.”

Hyster Intelligent Slow Down™
The optional Hyster Intelligent Slow Down™ feature is designed to reduce the maximum speed once the angle of cornering has reached 30°.

“Reduced speed on cornering provided by the Hyster Intelligent Slow Down feature improves load stability and helps operators to move product quickly and confidently, particularly in congested areas and limited spaces,” explains Kate Pointeau.

Excellent control
Visibility of the load is an important aspect of the operation to aid control. The shortened, mid-mounted handle positions the operator closer to the truck giving great visibility of the load and the fork tips when entering a pallet. The handle is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of operators.

A ‘creep speed button’ slows the truck’s travel speed for enhanced control and can be selected without having to stop the truck. Caster wheels positioned either side of the drive unit provide a 5 point contact with the floor, to help enhance truck stability.

Options to suit your application
Battery side extraction is available as an option on the P1.8-2.2 models, making changing the battery a simple and quick operation, to assist in more intensive applications.

Additional useful features include markers on the forks to guide the operator when entering an 800 mm deep euro pallet and an optional reversing alarm. An optional ‘lift interrupt sensor’ turns off the hydraulic circuit when the forks are completely lifted, which helps to save on energy and to reduce noise. Busy multiple operator sites can also benefit from optional keypad entry, as well as more complete fleet management solutions supported by the Hyster® Tracker wireless access system.

Low cost of operation
A number of features on the new tough Hyster pallet trucks contribute to delivering a low cost of operation.

Excellent serviceability thanks to easily accessible and intelligently designed components, along with a display showing diagnostic service codes, helps to minimise downtime during routine maintenance. Reliable operation of the truck is enabled by the CANbus Communications system, which is used to manage the electronic systems.

The optional lift interrupt sensor reduces use of the hydraulic system at full lift, contributing to a lower cost of operation.

Tough outside. Intelligent inside.
As with all Hyster products, the new powered pallet truck has been tested to extremes. “In tests new pallet truck models completed over 200,000 cycles at full capacity without failure, moving 450 million kg,” adds Kate Pointeau.

The new trucks suit the majority of applications including the most intensive, heavy duty use over long shifts, at maximum capacity. For lighter applications with different requirements, Hyster complements the new range with alternative powered pallet truck offerings, including the compact power pallet truck and super compact power pallet trucks series.

“Built for hard work and low cost of ownership, the new Hyster P series is a powerful combination of technology, innovation, quality and strength, with true Hyster ‘DNA’ in its design” says Kate Pointeau. “It’s tough on the outside and intelligent on the inside.”

With a strong global network of local distribution partners, Hyster is the only manufacturer able to offer the full spectrum of tough trucks from warehouse up to container handling equipment.

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