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Toyota enhances BT Reflex reach trucks

Toyota has upgraded its BT Reflex M-Series reach trucks with a series of improvements to enhance operator comfort and productivity.

Now featuring improvements that were previously unique to the high-capacity Reflex B and E, the M-Series includes a new drive unit, motor, gearbox and drive-wheel, a new cabin interior, PIN code access, easy mounting for electronic equipment in the form of the E-bar, as well as an extended options list.

The improved drive unit requires less maintenance, providing a more reliable truck, and the new cabin interior is more comfortable, with highly adjustable features to suit each operator. All controls are designed to be as intuitive as possible so that the operator can concentrate on the job throughout a shift.

PIN code access eliminates the need for keys, allowing only authorised people to start and operate the truck. Not only that, particular performance settings can be allocated to each PIN, meaning that the truck optimises itself for each operator when his or her access code is entered. Programmable settings include steering sensitivity, top speed, acceleration rate and auto-braking.

The E-bar is now a standard feature on the Reflex M-Series. A mounting rail for third-party equipment such as PCs, radio-data terminals and barcode scanners, the E-bar ensures that the M-Series is also ready for integration into larger operations.

Mark Ogden, Applications and Product Manager for Reach Trucks, Toyota Material Handling UK, said: “Our research has shown that greater operator comfort delivers greater productivity. With this in mind we have upgraded the BT Reflex to ensure that our clients can achieve optimum performance from the trucks and their operators.”

Other options now available include a height indicator and height pre-selection system, both of which make high-level work easier and safer.

The Reflex M-Series is comprised of three models: RRE120M, RRE140M, and RRE160M, with respective lift capacities of 1200, 1400, and 1600 kilograms. All Reflex M-Series trucks have a narrow chassis, allowing them to work in narrower aisles that are not accessible to larger trucks. The trucks can lift up to 8.5 metres, making the Reflex M-Series a natural choice for pallet handling in small to medium-size operations.

Toyota Material Handling (UK) Ltd

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