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Toyota first internal combustion hybrid fork lift truck

Toyota Industries Corporation to Launch the World’s First
Internal Combustion Hybrid Lift Truck in December 2009
The 3.5-ton diesel-powered internal combustion hybrid lift truck called "GENEO-HYBRID"
The 3.5-ton diesel-powered internal combustion
hybrid lift truck called "GENEO-HYBRID"

Toyota Industries Corporation, hereinafter referred to as Toyota Industries, announces it will launch the world’s first internal combustion (IC) hybrid lift truck(*). The 3.5-ton diesel-powered IC hybrid lift truck called "GENEO-HYBRID" will be launched in the Japanese market in December 2009.

Amid growing awareness of the global environment and high fuel prices , the GENEO-HYBRID was developed in response to a steep rise in the market need for improved environmental performance from the standpoints of reducing CO2 emissions and fuel costs.
While the sales volume of electric lift trucks has gained a majority share in the Japanese market, mid-size (over 3 ton load capacity class) electric lift trucks only represent 6 percent share of all mid-size lift truck sales. This is due to the upfront investment requirements associated with high-capacity and high-voltage batteries and the installation of charging facilities. Electric lift trucks can also present additional challenges in multi-shift operations by requiring battery changeover in order to sustain continuous operation. As a result, Toyota Industries has targeted this market for its introduction of its groundbreaking new 3.5-ton diesel-powered IC hybrid lift truck.

Toyota Industries developed its hybrid system, utilizing the hybrid technology from Toyota Motor Corporation, to match lift trucks that travel while handling a load and require frequent starting and stopping.

With a hybrid system that combines a diesel engine, electric motor and battery power, the "GENEO-HYBRID" realizes world-class fuel efficiency – reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (**) by 50 percent, while keeping the same operating performance as 3.5-ton diesel-powered IC lift trucks.

Toyota Industries, the world’s leading lift truck manufacturer, will strengthen the development of technology that has high operational performance and strong environmental benefits. It will offer technological advances in electric lift trucks and developing clean engines for IC lift trucks. The result will be a reduced environmental impact for our customers and improved economic efficiency.

The features and specifications of "GENEO-HYBRID" are shown below:
GENEO-HYBRID — features
Technical aspects
Utilizing power electronics technology which has been cultivated over many years through electric lift trucks development, Toyota Industries developed the highly efficient hybrid system for lift trucks with excellent reliability, durability and running cost.
Adapting a system that uses dual hybrid systems. A series hybrid system for traveling, where the engine drives a generator to charge the battery, and the battery powers the drive motor for motion. The second system, parallel hybrid system is used for load handling. This system uses both the engine and the generator to run load handling hydraulic pump. This dual system provides the best hybrid structure for lift truck operation.
Adapting the nickel-metal hydride battery, a proven system in hybrid vehicles, for electric storage device.

Performance aspects
Reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption(**) by 50 percent, while maintaining a level of operating performance equal to the current diesel-powered IC lift truck.
Realizing the same comfortable maneuverability as electric lift trucks in traveling and load handling operation.

Key specifications
Overall length/width/height 4005/1350/2140(mm)
Maximum Travel Speed 19km/h
Load Capacity 3500kg
Hybrid System Traveling Series hybrid system
Load handling Parallel hybrid system
Engine 2.5L Diesel
Drive motor Output 26kw
Battery Nickel-metal hydride battery

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