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Toyota material handling UK announced BT Reflex reach trucks will be fitted with shock sensors as standard

In today’s fast paced warehouse environment, more is demanded in a shorter space of time. This puts stress on both operators and equipment which can result in unpredictable damage to goods, equipment and infrastructure.

As part of Toyota’s ongoing commitment to help reduce accidents, damage and drive down costs in the workplace, Toyota will be the first materials handling equipment manufacturer to fit shock sensors as standard to its entire range of BT Reflex reach trucks. Shocks will allow any impact to trucks to be monitored, recorded and linked to drivers – leading to cost savings as well as increased safety on-site.

Sam Coles, Commercial Director, Toyota Material Handling UK, explains: "In our experience we often find that the 80/20 rule applies, in that 20% of the operators account for 80% of all the damages. The problem is to identify those operators and take corrective action, whether it is improved training or reassessing aisle layout. In order to address this issue Toyota equips trucks with shock sensors, a device which measures impact and shocks on the truck."

How does it work?
Mounted on the truck, shock sensors give the ability to record impact. The threshold for impact can be preset and only impacts exceeding the threshold value will be registered. These values are set through a service parameter on the truck. When a shock exceeds the threshold value, the truck will be limited to creep speed (2.5 km/h) and a signal will sound every five seconds, until a reset of the truck has been performed. A reset is done, either by entering a PIN code, or presenting a reset key/card, depending on which system is used for logging onto the trucks.

As impacts on trucks can be measured, recorded and linked to specific drivers, poor driving can be detected and corrective measures can be taken. As a result, damage to trucks, goods and racking can be reduced, translating into a cost reduction. Shock sensors will also have a positive effect on driving behaviour, leading to increased safety on site.

Data for the 10 most recent impacts is stored and can be viewed via the truck’s onboard display and will show the following: date and time of impact, magnitude of impact and the associated PIN codes of impacts.

For those customers wishing to expand the shock sensor’s functionality, the Toyota I_Site fleet management system can be specified, allowing shocks to be monitored without even being present on site, as well as providing greater visibility and control of the entire fleet, including truck usage and operating hours.

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