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Track and Trace Program provides end-to-end visibility to reduce cost and increase asset uptime

E2open (NASDAQ: EOPN), the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for collaborative planning and execution across global trading networks, today announced that Shell has started to deploy E2open’s E2 Process Management to create visibility on their procured engineering materials along the supply chain, including logistics.

The global Track and Trace initiative is designed to provide visibility on the flow of materials through procurement, transportation, and disposal, which enables alignment of the right engineering materials, at the right place, at the right time for production sites (i.e., assets).

The E2open solution enables end-to-end visibility for Shell’s material supply chains, which are varied and complex. It will track materials from work order request to worksite. The Track and Trace program provides a number of operational benefits, including craft time efficiencies in maintenance execution and supply chain operations, optimized inventories, and reduced material costs and waste.

“We are pleased that E2open has been selected as the technology platform for the Track and Trace program at Shell,” said Mark Woodward, President and CEO, E2open. “By leveraging our technology, this mission-critical program can provide not just the current location of unique materials, but also the past locations of any unique items. In turn, clients gain significant improvements in the planning and control of spend and item flows via a simplified way of collaborating, which is a major win for all parties involved.”

The Track and Trace program is powered by E2open’s E2 Process Management, as well as the advanced analytics and cloud-based connectivity in the E2open Business Network. Capturing “events,” both planned and unplanned in the supply chain, along with improved search capabilities, near real-time information, and improved reporting and analytics capabilities, enables better decision-making at Shell. This program will be deployed to multiple worksites and end user groups, ranging from work preparers and logistics to materials management to vendors and logistics service providers.

“Multiple capital project industry studies have consistently pointed to the lack of effective materials management as a principal source of project cost overruns and schedule slippages,” said Ray Topping, Director of Fiatech, a membership-led international community of global leadership organizations focused on innovation in the capital projects industry. “For this reason, Fiatech members have designated effective Integrated Materials Management as a strategic priority and are actively developing strategies and solutions that raise visibility, predictability and control for the industry.”

More than 41,000 trading partners and 140,000 unique registered users currently participate in the E2open Business Network, which allows participants to share plans and data and execute business processes in a secure, real-time manner. The E2open Business Network also provides collaboration tools and analytics so that E2open customers can make more informed and efficient decisions.

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