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Traditional sausages in modern packaging as Metten chooses PermaSafe by Weidenhammer

Sausage and meat specialist Metten Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG started selling its newest product, "Leckere Landwürstchen" (Delicious Country Sausages) in PermaSafe packaging manufactured by Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging (WPP), the plastics division of the Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG). The size of the plastic barrier packaging is similar to, and offers essentially the same shelf life as a standard metal can. One of the key advantages of PermaSafe packaging at the point-of-sale is that the transparent window in the cup lets the consumer see the product inside. Metten is targeting new customer segments with the classic sausage product in innovative Weidenhammer packaging.

Metten, a sausage and meat specialist based in Finnentrop in Germany’s Sauerland region, is continuing a very promising trend with the packaging for its "Leckere Landwürstchen" product. In 2009 the company started to market its "Dicke Sauerländer Bockwurst" in a plastic container and this product received widespread acceptance from consumers. The company is now anticipating similar success with its "Leckere Landwürstchen" in Weidenhammer PermaSafe packaging. The plastic barrier packaging ensures long-lasting freshness and product protection for sterilized and pasteurized foods along with a variety of design options. Two varieties of the new Metten product are currently sold in supermarkets: wieners and poultry sausages.

Customized packaging with maximum convenience
For the "Leckere Landwürstchen" product, Weidenhammer packaging specialists further developed its PermaSafe packaging into a customized solution for its customer Metten. Since the plastic container is the same size as a conventional metal can, a commercially available metal lid can be placed on top. "Weidenhammer adapted the container’s size and closure to our requirements," explained Tobias Metten, Marketing Manager at Metten. This significantly lowers changeover costs and enables the meat and sausage company to continue using its existing production machinery.

The Weidenhammer packaging solution offers much more convenience than conventional metal cans. The plastic container is covered with an easy-to-remove peel-off film to protect the product contents with an oxygen-tight seal. A snap-on lid ensures that the packaging can be easily opened and reclosed after the first use. This allows the consumer to remove the sausages separately and eat them one at a time. Since the PermaSafe package can be easily heated in a microwave oven, the "Delicious Country Sausages" can by enjoyed hot or cold.

Transparency for more insight
Another advantage of the plastic packaging is its clear visibility. The attractively designed 250-gram containers feature a large viewing window. This provides a clear view of the sausages, which are packed in an upright position. This is a real advantage over conventional cans. An added benefit is that the high quality packaging with its attractive, In-Mould Labelling (IML) design gives the product a fresh and modern look. Tobias Metten describes the benefits of PermaSafe technology: "The transparency, premium appearance and shape of the package were important factors in the optimal positioning and marketing of our product at the point-of-sale," he says.

Environmental awareness also plays an important role when it comes to choosing PermaSafe packaging. A comparison test carried out with PIQET software showed that plastic packaging produces less CO2 than packaging made from glass or tinplate. "In terms of sustainability, our plastic packaging is equal, if not superior to other forms of packaging," explains WPP Sales Director Andreas Rothschink.

PermaSafe packaging for "Leckere Landwürstchen" is also virtually impermeable to oxygen and water vapour. This ensures the sausages stay fresh up to six months without refrigeration. This guarantees energy-free storage of the product and optimizes product marketing. "Outside of the refrigerated display case, the packaged products can be placed directly at the point of sale," Rothschink explains. Metten plans to use the new product to generate growth outside the core market in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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