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Trafficmaster’s Fleet Director goes from strength to strength

with an award-winning functionality upgrade that helps drivers get jobs done more efficiently and companies to save more time and money.

Trafficmaster, the leading provider of intelligent driving solutions, has just upgraded its Fleet Director fleet management system to include a range of enhancements that help both fleet managers and drivers. These improvements reflect Trafficmaster’s ongoing commitment to provide the latest technology for the fleet management sector – and the system has already been recognised for its innovative approach, winning the 2009 Fleet Van Technology Initiative of the Year Award.

The new upgrade includes some unique features:

Actual closest vehicle based on live traffic conditions
Live traffic information and virtual mapping
Instant dashboard reports
Two-way messaging on new Colour Touchscreen.

Actual closest vehicle
Fleet Director is the first fleet management system now able to precisely identify the driver closest to a job using real routes and not, as on other systems, simply as the crow flies. This gives managers an accurate picture of the nearest vehicle to a location, saving mileage, time and fuel costs. It then puts that driver on the fastest route giving clear turn-by-turn verbal instructions with a full colour route map as well.

The software upgrade that enabled this unique function also brings a host of new automated email reporting systems for the fleet manager, straight from the vehicle’s system into the manager’s email box. For instance, if a driver breaks an exception condition, maybe speeding or entering a no-go zone, the manager – and any other named recipients who may be involved in a fleet’s management such as the HR Director or FD – receive an instant email alert. Other regular reports can also be set up for automated email to any recipient list.

Live traffic information & virtual mapping
With its own real-time traffic data, taken from Trafficmaster’s network of roadside monitors across 8,000 miles of motorways and trunk roads, Fleet Director is now able to offer live traffic congestion alerts overlayed on the road maps viewed on the fleet manager’s PC. The mapping can also now be displayed in virtual mapping format, if preferred. It gives fleet managers advanced notice on traffic problems so can help their drivers avoid incidents or jams. This optimises fleet efficiency saving time, money and idling time sitting in congestion. It helps drivers keep to their work schedules and arrive at jobs on time.

Dashboard reports
Straightforward rapid reporting systems have always been a key feature with Fleet Director and the new upgrade can now deliver an instant snapshot report of a vehicle’s recent activity that day. Full more detailed reports can also be called up from the system when required but these dashboard reports give an instant review of a vehicle’s movements.

Two-way messaging
Via Fleet Director’s Colour Touchscreen, drivers and managers can now communicate instantly using the new two-way messaging function. This delivers notification of job changes, posts new job details and can be used to check on current driver location and schedules. Up to 50 pre-set messages can be stored for instant messaging on regular tasks.

"These initiatives are truly ground-breaking and some are unique in the fleet management market," said John Lawrence, Sales & Marketing Director at Trafficmaster. "We have worked with our customers to develop these practical features that not only meet but anticipate future business needs of the fleet manager. All have been specifically designed to help managers and drivers work more productively while reducing the driver fatigue and stress caused by traffic congestion. Fleet Director continues to evolve bringing added value and improved functionality with this latest upgrade."

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