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Trailer stand removes hazard

As we are constantly being told the loading bay is a dangerous place. A potentially deadly cocktail of large road vehicles, forklift trucks and people. Getting goods into and out of lorries brings all these elements together, so anything that can be done should be done to reduce the hazard.

Caljan Rite Hite, a leader in the design and manufacture of loading
bay equipment, announces its new TS-2000 trailer stand. This simple but effective device is used to support the nose of an uncoupled vehicle trailer. It removes the hazard caused by rusty or faulty trailer landing gear collapsing, as the trailer is unloaded.

The award winning TS2000 trailer stand will fit most types of
trailers. It has a retracted length of 1050mm and an extended length of 1400mm. It works by placing the stand under the nose of the trailer once it has been uncoupled from the tractor unit, and then extending it until it takes the weight of the trailer. Once in place the trailer stand will prevent the trailer from upending during loading or unloading if it is not coupled to a tractor.

To make the trailer stand easy to use it has wheels for positioning
and a forward facing hand crank. With a capacity of 50,000 kilograms it will support most trailers currently in use.

Commenting on the launch of the trailer stand, Caljan Rite Hite sales manager Martin Wright was quick to point out the contribution of the product to loading dock safety. “Rusted or seldom used landing gear can and does collapse, especially when fork lift trucks are working
in the trailer. This simple to use product removes that hazard. We have had tremendous interest in this device and have made sales already to a number of well known companies.”

The TS-2000 is made of square section tubular steel. A single gear cranking mechanism and solid rubber tyres made it maintenance free. Its wide base distributes the load evenly across the dock apron
meaning that it will not impose severe point loadings.


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