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Traka cabinet proves too tough for armed robbers

A Traka key cabinet has foiled robbers trying to raid a high-class jewellery store in the Swiss town of Interlaken. The thieves made off empty-handed after several failed attempts to break into the Traka cabinet, which contained keys to the store’s display cases.

The robbers struck at Bijouterie Kirchhofer, which had been raided on two previous occasions during which thousands of pounds worth of jewellery had been lost. On this occasion, they tried unsuccessfully to break into the Traka cabinet by hitting the door with their guns. After several other attempts, using tools and other weapons, they fled empty-handed and were apprehended by Swiss police a few streets away.

The store’s previous robberies had prompted the installation of various new security measures, including the Traka cabinet. Traka’s L-series cabinets, like the one installed at Bijouterie Kirchhofer, hold from 10 to 180 keys and can be locking, non-locking or mixed. Systems can be easily upgraded in modules of 10 key positions and extension cabinets can take the number of keys managed by a single system to 540. Cabinets are managed by the Traka32 software, which runs as an application on any Windows computer. Traka cabinets are robustly manufactured from Zintec steel and are powder coated with either clear polycarbonate or metal doors.

During the robbery, the Traka cabinet sustained only some slight damage to the door frame and had to have its lock replaced, but the store’s owners were delighted at its ability to withstand such a battering. "We’ve been raided twice before and lost thousands of pounds worth of stock," explained the Store Manager, "But the Traka cabinet was just too strong for the thieves this time. Installing Traka has not only made our key management easier, it’s given us added protection against robbery, which makes it a very good choice indeed!"

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