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Traka key management controls fleet vehicle keys at Nottingham University Hospital

Nottingham University Hospital has become the latest NHS Trust to adopt a Traka system to manage its fleet of vehicles. The hospital’s busy transport office now uses a Traka Key Management System to control access to the Trust’s buses, minibuses and vans throughout the city.

With buses running all day from 5.30am to 10.30pm, Nottingham University Hospital runs a busy service, transporting 25,000 people a week. With a mix of full-time NHS drivers and agency staff, it’s important to know who currently has a key, who used it last and what time keys were taken and returned. The hospital chose Traka’s L Series cabinet, which can house up to 180 keys (or key sets). Each key or set of keys is attached to a Traka iFob, which contains a chip with a unique electronic ID. Drivers are restricted as to which keys they can take and how many at a time. Traka also helps the hospital to manage driver details, ensuring each has an appropriate licence, that it is still valid and that any recent traffic offences are recorded.

Before Traka was installed, keys could be missing and there was no way of locating them. Traka has brought control and peace of mind to the hospital’s Fleet Manager Tony Oldham. He says, "Now we can quickly identify who has a key at any time and control who has access to which vehicle. We can restrict access to keys at the click of a mouse and our paperwork has been greatly reduced because there’s no longer any need to sign vehicles in and out."

"Another major benefit arises," he adds. "If there is any damage to a vehicle, or a speeding fine comes in. It can be discussed promptly with the driver, who is easily identified by the Traka32 software, thereby avoiding a mass of paperwork, making the administrative process faster and easier."

Nottingham University Hospital was recently subject to a RoSPA audit, focusing particularly on the Transport Department. RoSPA was impressed by the hospital’s use of Traka to manage and control access to fleet vehicle keys – so much so that it was suggested they apply for an award. Clive Young, the hospital’s Logistics Manager, was pleased with the results of the RoSPA audit: "At the end of the day, it’s about the security of knowing exactly where all the keys are, including the spares. If we need to know who has a vehicle or want to know more about its history, we simply look it up, be it for today or any day in the past."

"Honestly, I can’t fault Traka," says Tony Oldham. "It’s an invaluable tool – the amount of useful information you can get from it, as well as managing the keys, is never-ending. We can even see patterns starting to emerge about vehicle performance and drivers."

The Trust was so impressed with how quickly the Traka system made a difference that it has now implemented a second 180-key L Series system to manage general facility keys. Also, as the Trust becomes more familiar with the options that Traka offers, it will be able to make full use of the system’s additional features. For instance, Traka has an easy-to-use vehicle fault-reporting feature, which could replace the hospital’s current system, an intensive paper-based process.

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